On this page you find information about our staff members, their profiles, publications and individual contact information.


Boes, Johan
Dr.ing. J. (Johan) Boes
Bohnenkamp, Tobias
T. (Tobias) Bohnenkamp, MSc
PhD student

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Goldberg, Janina
J. (Janina) Goldberg, MSc
PhD student
Hoffmann, Petra
Dr.ir. P. (Petra) Hoffmann
Assistant professor
Kappel, Antonia
A. (Antonia) Kappel
PhD Candidate / PhD Student
Lenderink, Bart
Ir. B. (Bart) Lenderink
PhD Candidate / PhD Student
Plantinga, Henrico
H.E.C. (Henrico) Plantinga
PhD Candidate / PhD Student
Scheffler, Paul
Dr. P. (Paul) Scheffler
Schiele, Holger
Prof.dr. H. (Holger) Schiele
Full professor
Schotanus, Fredo
Dr.ir. F. (Fredo) Schotanus
Assistant professor

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Sigurdardottor, Aldis
A.G. (Aldis) Sigurdardottir
Stek, Klaas
K. (Klaas) Stek, MSc

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Telgen, Jan
Prof.dr. J. (Jan) Telgen
Full professor
Uenk, Niels
N. (Niels) Uenk, MSc
PhD Candidate / PhD Student

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Voordijk, Hans
Dr. J.T. (Hans) Voordijk
Associate professor
Vos, Frederik
Dr. F.G.S. (Frederik) Vos

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Bemelmans, Jeroen
Dr. J.W. (Jeroen) Bemelmans
Associate Executive Director at DEMCON
Boer, Luitzen de
Prof.dr. L. (Luitzen) de Boer
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Luitzen de Boer finished his PhD in Industrial Engineering in September 1998. The research project he was working on is called: Operations Research in support of purchasing. Design of a toolbox for supplier selection.
Research interests: purchasing, logistics management

Hüttinger, Lisa
Dr. L. (Lisa) Hüttinger
Hijboer, Govert
Dr. G. (Govert) Heijboer
Co-CIO of True Partner Capital

Govert Heijboer finished his PhD in 2003 with the topic: Quantitative analysis of strategic and tactical purchasing decisions. 

Govert Heijboer finished his PhD in Management Science in 2003. Afterwards he worked for 6 years at Sean Options, where he was responsible for all trading activities. Then he was for 8 years the director of True Partner Holding, a team of specialists and experts in the areas of Fund Management, Research, Software development, Market gateway development and Financial Education & E-Learning. Currently Heijboer is the Co-CIO of True Partner Capital, which is the Sub-Advisor of the True Partner Fund.

Hesping, Frank
Dr. F. (Frank) Hesping
Team leader, Innovation Management and Strategy, Value Networks at Volkswagen Group
Horn, Philipp
Dr. P. (Philipp) Horn
Head of Purchasing Processes and Systems at MAN Truck & Bus AG
Linthorst, Merijn
Ir. M.M. (Merijn) Linthorst
Lead buyer at DSM
Lohman, Wouter
W. (Wouter) Lohman
Senior Consultant KPMG

Wouter started working as a researcher at the University of Twente in 2011, focusing his research on public procurement and supplier selection. He has always combined research with consultancy work in the field of procurement. During the five years that Wouter joined the UT he was also a guest researcher at Utrecht University in the REBO faculty, focusing on public procurement law. In 2013 Wouter joined the newly founded Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC), which conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of public procurement - including both economic and legal perspectives. Beginning of 2014 Wouter also worked part-time for PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2016 Wouter left the University of Twente and joined the procurement and strategic sourcing team of KPMG. His consultancy work at KPMG encompasses both public and private sector. 

Research interest

  • Public procurement
  • Supplier selection
  • Award mechanisms
Pulles, Niels
Dr.ir. N.J. (Niels) Pulles
Assistant professor RUG
Robbe, Tim
Mr.drs. T.H.G. (Tim) Robbe
Laywer at Victor Advocaten
Turyahikayo, Willy
W. (Willy) Turyahikayo
Makerere University Business School