UTIPS offers several purchasing and supply (chain) management courses to Bachelor and Master students in the University of Twente. Among other things, UTIPS offers or participates in the following courses:

  • Purchasing Management
  • Purchasing for IBA
  • Supply Chain Management in Construction
  • Logistics Management for Business Administration
  • Health Care Purchasing

The courses provide a general or more specific overview of purchasing management. It is not to teach specific purchasing skills, but rather to develop the understanding of what strategic, tactical, and operational aspects are involved in purchasing and how these aspects can be managed. The purchasing function is considered from various angles including its organisation, the relevant procedures, and the purchasing process itself. Many issues are illustrated with examples taken from the practical experience of the teaching staff. In this way also new developments in purchasing are included.

A brochure on the master Purchasing & Supply Management is available for download.

Capita Selecta

Students who have passed a purchasing related exam, may subsequently submit a proposal for a so-called Capita Selecta-project on purchasing management. A Capita Selecta project involves writing a paper based on a thorough literature search on a specific topic.

Master graduation projects

The UTIPS staff supervises around 15-20 students every year who work on a Master-level graduation project on Purchasing Management. These projects are usually carried out over a period of 6-8 months in both public and private organisations. Some typical examples of Master projects are:

  • Auditing of the purchasing function
  • Investigating the tools for purchasing analysis and diagnosis
  • Improving the efficiency of MRO-purchasing
  • Investigating the possibilities of E-commerce

Bachelor graduation projects

The UTIPS staff is also involved in supervising students who are involved in a Bachelor graduation project or a practical training project on Purchasing Management (internship). These projects cover around 10-14 weeks and are more likely to be carried out abroad.