TMSResearchThe Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC)

The Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC)

Since 2013 the University of Twente is collaborating together with the University of Utrecht under the umbrella of the “Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC)” on issues surrounding public procurement. The cooperation concerns in particular the chair of Prof. Telgen (Procurement Management in the Public Sector) and the Chair of Prof. Manunza (European and International Procurement Law). 

The research conducted under the umbrella of PPRC is interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on better regulation, market stimulation and societal contributions of public procurement in a broader sense. In this context, public tendering is considered a method for making objective, effective and legitimate choices in an objective manner. 

Prof. Jan Telgen
Chair of PPRC

Our society increasingly strives for innovations, sustainability and solidarity, which also increases the number of options for contracting parties. Correspondingly, the question of how to make the right choices is becoming increasingly important, too. PPRC is helping to bring light into the black-box of making such “right choices”  by studying ongoing developments and giving practical advice to the parties involved in these choices. 

In addition to Professor Telgen, other employees from the University of Twente that re involved are Fredo Schotanus, Niels Uenk, Frederik Vos and Madelon Wind.