The BA bachelor program includes an elective module dedicated to supply management: the SUM module. The Supply Management (SUM) module prepares students for a job in the field of purchasing.

The SUM module will mainly consist of five integrated domains, content wise covering the year cycle of a purchaser and preparing an understanding of the work of a “commodity buyer” (i.e., a buyer responsible for sourcing a certain group of materials).

  • Tactical buying: This domain covers the period from demand identification, over supplier selection till negotiation and contracting. Together, tactical buying and strategic sourcing represent the main knowledge transfer part of the elective.
  • Strategic sourcing: This domain covers the supplier performance evaluation, as input for new commodity group strategy formulation and the required organizational and operational knowledge for its implementation.
  • Research Paper: The research paper will form the backbone of the module. In the project the students can apply the knowledge and skill gained in the individual domains described above and expand it on particular topics. Students will conduct a research on leading topics in both practice and academia such as preferred customer status, innovation driven procurement, purchasing – R&D interface and strategic supply management.
  • Supply management game: The students will play a serious game which covers different topics from the “tactical buying” and “strategic sourcing” domains.
  • Supply management experiments: Two sessions are scheduled in which the students conduct experiments which covers different topics from the “tactical buying” and “strategic sourcing” domains. The aim is to familiarize students with behavioral methodologies and to provide a deeper understanding of the social interactions involved in supply management.