WSV Application Process


Calls for new WSV Innovation Projects occur each academic year around January/February, with a deadline in March/April

  • Criteria

    For approval the proposed WSV innovation project needs to fulfil the following criteria:

    • It supports at least one of the five UT strategic goals of the Quality Agreements (BMS Quality Agreements):
      • Community building,
      • Global Citizens,
      • Teacher professionalization,
      • Talent development of students,
      • Learning facilities
    • It is widely applicable in BMS education. Not only within one or two BMS (degree) programmes. (The programmes in which the innovation will be implemented need to be specified and programme directors of these programmes need to support the innovation explicitly. )
    • The project and its results are of added value for the learning of the students as well as for teacher professionalization of BMS teachers participating in the project.
    • Results are specified and milestones are defined for at least 31 December 2023 and for 1 July 2024. Team members and their tasks - in size and content – are specified. 
    • The project team members are BMS teachers. (or supporting student assistants).
    • In case a tool or a system will be developed, also its realization, implementation, maintenance and user support are planned, arranged and included in the proposal
    • Preferably the proposal fits with actual developments within BMS and UT:
      o  Challenge Based Learning (CBL)
      o  Blended learning/Digitalization/ new education formats related to digital transformation
      o  Skills Education
      o  Student well-being 
      o  New minors
      ( A new minor needs a Programme director to take responsibility & for starting September 2024 its development before 1 November 2023)

  • Procedure
    1. A call for proposals for innovation projects is published together with an application form
    2. The criteria for the WSV innovation project are specified in the information on the application process.
    3. Applicants can be BMS teachers and BMS programme directors.
    4. Approval and selection of the WSV innovation projects is the responsibility of the BMS Faculty Board which is advised on the decision by the WSV steering committee.
      The WSV steering committee receives an overview of the applications.
      The steering committee invites the project manager to present the project by a pitch which will be followed by a Q&A session.

      The pitches + Q&A will be organised at 19 April 13:00-17:00 and  25 April 9:00-13:00  Applicants are expected to be available at least one of these moments and to indicate their availability in the application form.

    5. A pre-advice will be set up to support the steering committee in the approval and selection process.
      In the process of the pre-advice, the small committee will ask for expert advice were necessary from educationalists, BMS-LAB, e-learning specialists and others.

      Selection may take place if the annual budget cannot cover all approved proposals. The main focus in the selection will be to what extent the criteria are met.

    6. Innovation projects need to be supported by at least two programme directors.
    7. The Faculty Council is asked for consent with the decisions on approval and selection of the Faculty Board.
    8. The applicants of WSV innovation projects are informed of the decision of the Faculty Board based on the consent of the Faculty Council.
    9. Before the start of the approved project, a detailed action plan including milestones needs to be available.
    10. The project manager of the innovation project is expected to participate in the WSV platform and to inform the coordinator of the WSV innovation projects proactively (and timely) when the content or the planning of the project has to be changed.
      Also reporting on the progress and final results are the responsibility of the project manager.
  • Planning (projects of 2023-2024 and 2022-2023 )


    4 April  2023 (noon)  Deadline WSV innovation project proposals

    19 & 25 April          Pitches of projects for steering committee +Q&A (19 April 13:00-17:00; 25 April 9:00-13:00)

    4  Mai 2023            WSV steering committee advice on approval/selection innovation projects

    10 Mai  2023          Pre-advice on approval/selection innovation projects

    16 Mai  2023          Decision of BMS Faculty Board based on the advice of WSV steering          

     6 June 2023          Faculty Council on consent for FB decision.           

    half June  2023      Applicants informed on decisions & next step   

    <tbd> June            Meeting project leaders approved WSV Innovation projects (WSV Platform) to adjust expectations

    1 July 2023            Start projects (Project action plans available and approved)

    11 January 2024    Progress report (followed by related payment of budget in January 2024)

    1 July 2024            Final (Progress) report (followed by related payment of budget)

         to be planned    BMS Educational Festival with presentations of results 2023-2024 projects

    Planning projects 2022-2023

    15 March   2022     Deadline WSV innovation project proposals

    28 March & 8 April   Pitches of projects for steering committee +Q&A

    11 April 2022            WSV steering committee advice on approval/selection innovation projects

    17 April  2022           Pre-advice on approval/selection of innovation projects

    19 April  2022           Decision of BMS Faculty Board based on the advice of WSV steering          

      3 May 2022             Faculty Council on consent for FB decision.           

      5 May  2022            Applicants informed on decisions & next step        

      1 July  2022            Project action plans available and approved

      1 July  2022            Start projects

    15 December 2022    Progress report (followed by related payment of budget in January 2022)

         March 2023          Educational Festival for intermediate results 2022 projects

    1 July  2023               Final (Progress) report (followed by related payment of budget)

         October 2023       BMS Educational Festival with presentations of final results

  • Practical Aspects
    • In case a proposed project is planned for more than the academic year the approval for later years is based on the progress of the running project.
    • The budget for the project is paid to the BMS departments/sections of project team members in two phases based on, and shortly after receiving, each of the 2 progress reports during a year.
    • The results and time planned for the project need to be realistic. As a consequence projects at course level above € 30.000 and at programme level above € 60.000 need clear justification for feasibility and availability of project team members.
    • The involvement of BMS LAB needs to be tuned before submitting the proposal.
    • Software developments need to be accompanied by plans for further development and maintenance.
    • By default projects are running for 1 year: 1 July 2023-1 July 2024

 The WSV Steering committee advises the Faculty Board on the approval and selection of the WSV innovation projects.