Application form 2023-2024

application form BMS Innovation Projects 2023-2024 

The deadline for submission is 4 April 2023 at noon

The requirements for an application from the WSV Funds for the academic year 2023-2024:

  • It supports at least one of the five UT strategic goals regarding the Quality Agreements: Community building, Global citizens, Teaching professionalization, Talent development of students, Learning facilities.
  • It is widely applicable, not just for one or two BMS degree programmes or a small group of students. This can be BMS-wide but can also mean collaboration with other faculties or services, e.g. to support a learning pathway.
  • Challenged Based Learning, Blended Learning and Digitalization,  new educational formats, especially those related to digital transformation (including hybrid education), developments related to student well-being and new minors are suggested topics for WSV innovation projects. 
  • The members of the project team are BMS teachers or UT faculty involved in BMS education the innovation is developed for.
  • On 19 April 2023 and  25 April 2023 timeslots are reserved by the WSV steering committee for pitches on the proposals succeeded by Q&A sessions. You are expected to be available for at least one of these moments.

For more information on the application process see the website

*In case your project consists of subprojects you are kindly requested to specify the subprojects and the project teams for these subprojects (on the next page).

Other members of the project team, their departments and the number of hours they will spend on the project.

In case you will organise the project based on subprojects you can specify the members of subproject teams  on the next pages

In case you have more than 6 other team members please use a subproject "contributors" field to specify them.

Please take care you are available for a 30 minutes pitch + Q&A session (with WSV Steering Committee) on both 19th April between 13:00-17:00 and 25th April between 9:00-13:00!

Sub projects (if applicable)