Privacy Statement BMS Ethical review web application

This privacy statement is applicable on the BMS Ethical Review Web Application

UT ("we", "our", "us") are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
Please read the UT Privacy Policy to understand how we use and protect the information obtained from those visiting and using UT’s website and its subdomains. The UT privacy policy is a general notice, and may be complemented by a additional information depending on what you are using the website for and whether you are completing additional web forms, payments or applications. 

This privacy notice sets out how any personal data we collect from you through your electronic application will be processed by the BMS Ethical Review Web Application. This notice also sets out the basis on which any personal data related to your application which is passed to us by by individuals and by third parties is collected and processed. Please read the following carefully to understand how we process your personal data.

What is personal data?
‘Personal data’ means any information which identifies you as an individual. In case of the web application your Research Project Request includes your name, email, staff/student-number, department/study, UT-phonenumber (in case of employees)/personal mobile number (in case of students). If more people are involved in your research you have indicated only the names of other students/collegues in the web application.

Purpose for which we process your personal data
It is mandatory for BMS students/employees to submit their intended research projects involving humans in an indirect (i.e. file or social media research) or direct manner (i.e. experiments, surveys, interviews) for ethical review by the BMS Ethics Committee. The personal data in your research project request for ethical review, is neccessary to process your research project request in the web application for ethical review.

Who is my personal information shared with?
The secretary/secretariat and your supervisor and the ethical assessor who is assigned with your research project has access to your data. 

Data Storage and Security
The web application is hosted at the UT and falls under the standard UT-guidelines for save storage and security.

Data Retention 
Every year all research requests that have been approved by the ethics committee will be archived in JOIN, where they will be kept minimally 10 years. Your research project request will be stored for two years in the active web application, then it will be removed. If your research project request is removed from the web application, you can contact the Ethics Committee to retrieve your PDF.