Education 5.0

Gayane Sedrakyan (IEBIS) will speak about the impact of data-driven technology in the context of "education 5.0" during the ETM research meeting on 04.04., 12:45 – 13:00. Please get in touch with Tina Horman ( if you like to join. See Gayanes' abstract below:

Abstract: Massive digitalization processes with Industry 4.0 revolution enabled technology-enhanced interventions to support manufacturing and service processes. Digital technology found its way to education through different types of software coined as technology-enhanced or computer-assisted/helped learning. In the current world of technology, communication and many other activities rely heavily on online platforms. Educational research may need to look far beyond technology and data-driven mechanisms to bring humans into the center of learning processes as well as the design of instruments for future-proof education. In this talk I will raise questions that researchers face with data-driven technology in the context of so-called education 5.0.