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BMS Smart Industry Projects

BMS Smart Industry projects

HEInnovate offers a guiding framework that provides inspiration and assistance for governments and higher education institutions aiming to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. It includes an online self-assessment tool covering seven dimensions of the 'entrepreneurial university'
This project tackles three major challenges: the need for a unified European logistic network, the need to improve the efficiency and sustainability of logistics services, and the ambition to trigger and flip the “mental switch” among shippers and 4PLs, towards a synchromodal approach.
The approach that underpins SHAREBOX centres on logical work flow that covers from the identification of new symbiotic synergies right through optimised connections among companies and organisations in established symbiotic relationships. SHAREBOX will provide plant operations and production managers with the robust and reliable information that they need in real-time in order to effectively and confidently share resources (plant, energy, water, residues and recycled materials) with other companies in an optimum symbiotic ecosystem.
Autonomous Logistics Miners for Small-Medium Businesses
The aim of this project is to increase the competitive power of the Dutch logistics sector, by providing small-medium size businesses with intelligent data mining agents, that can perform the most common data mining functions, and require minimal supervision and domain knowledge from the human employee.
DataRel – Big Data for Resilient Logistics
The main goal of this project is to improve the resilience and performance of planning decisions in terms of sustainability, efficiency, queue delay, costs and quality, by developing Artificial Logistics Intelligence (ALI) capable of detecting and dealing with emergent phenomena (given large volumes of heterogeneous data) and capable of learning from the experience of human planners using machine learning.
Industry 4.0 for SMEs
Together with the Fraunhofer Project Center, preparing SMEs for Smart industry with a focus on strategizing with smart industrial solutions for SME’s in several sectors instead of focusing on the technologies only (which used to be the scope of Fraunhofer)
Value through services minor
Together with Fontys, a minor on transformation of SMEs to servitization which is closely related to Smart Industry since it requires integrated processes, networks and a high level of digitalization
E-PLM (Extended-Product Lifecycle Management)
The objective of E-PLM 2.0 is to accelerate innovation by making use of existing E-value networks (the actual linking, across the boundaries of individual companies, of multiple value chains). By making changes to one or more existing value chains, of companies that already operate together, improvements can be implemented much faster and easier and thus have faster results.
IIT (Industrial Innovation in Transition)
IIT project has gathered data from about 700 companies ranging from innovation leaders to moderate innovators in multiple industries across the member states to provide an evidence base for reviewing how well the current innovation policies support the adoption of new innovation processes. The project has produced a number of recommendations on how the innovation systems and policies in Europe should be developed to bridge the gap between Europe and its main competitors.
PERFECT (Purchasing education an research for european competences transfer)
The overall objective of project PERFECT is to develop an empirically validated European best practice curriculum for both a bachelor’s and a master’s program in Purchasing and Supply Management (PSM) and in the next step to establish an international studying program at participating universities for higher education in PSM.