The BMSLab, powered by Tech4People, aims to seek solutions to social challenges by implementing state of the art technology. A high-tech environment provides the opportunities for smart innovations which can contribute to social science research.

What can you do with BMS Lab:

  • The BMS LAB is able to support your research project.
  • They have a wide variety of high-tech equipment for social science research which you can reserve for research or trials.
  • We develop and act as a hub between researchers.
    The BMS LAB provides algorithms in many fields and applications such as wearables, virtual reality, eye-tracking, motion capture, GPS/indoor location tracking and Survey APPS. All our published work is available via BitBucket and via the QReserve software section. These repositories are continuously updated.

The former EEG and Cubicles Lab in Cubicus are now part of BMS Lab. They are renovated and renamed into RecogNize and Flexperiment room.

For more information, we forward you to our BMS Lab website 

BMS LAB mailing list

 Our BMS Lab team:

Prof. dr. Ellen Giebels
Iniatiator & Tech4People programme lead
Prof. dr .ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek
Initiator and Co-Director of the Designlab
Dr. ir. Jan-Willem van 't Klooster
Managing director BMSLab
Johnny Lammers van Toorenburg
BMSLab Data Management / BMS Datalab support
Peter Slijkhuis
BMSLab Educational Coordinator
Lucia Rabago Mayer MSc.
Lead developer
Lorette Bosch-Padberg
Management Support (management assistant)