Services and Support

Telephone List BMS
The telephone list from BMS contains the contact details of the support staff.
Telephonelist (intranet)

Management team

Professor T.A.J. (Theo) Toonen
Tel: 053-489 3294
Room: Cubicus C131

Managing director
Drs. M.A.R. (Marion) Kamp
Tel: 053-489 6366
Room: Cubicus C130

Faculty secretariat
Alice Kragt, tel: 053-489 4591
Petra van Coevorden-Zuithof , tel: 053-489 3294
Brenda Kroeze, tel: 053-489 3520

Educational support

Contactpersons for each study are available at the education websites for students/employees. An overview from all educational website is available at the Education page.

Supporting services

More information about the supporting services (communication, HR, financial, etc.) of the faculty BMS is available at the Intranet.