Meet the Faculty Board

faculty Board members

Tanya Bondarouk Prof. dr.
Dean BMS
Bernard Veldkamp Prof. dr. ir.
Portfolio Holder Research
Ciano Aydin Prof. dr.
Portfolio Holder Education
G.W. Peters MSc (Werner)
Managing Director

A student will also be affiliated with the Faculty Board in an advisory role (student assessor). This academic year, Mariana Luna Lopez is the student assessor.

Portfolio allocation

The portfolio allocation of the Faculty Board can be found in the Portfolio Allocation Model for Faculty Boards.

Faculty secretariat

S. Lemmens - Nergiz (Sone)
Dean's office BMS (BFD)
A.J. Kragt (Alice)
Secretary to the Faculty Board BMS/Teamleader Cluster Secretarial Support (Faculty BMS)

Organisational structure

Do you want to know how our faculty is structured? In the downloadable file below (pdf) you will find a clear overview of all the organisational entities.

Two organisational charts

In this file (pdf) you will find two different charts, introducing the faculty to you.