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Faculty Board


From 1 september 2017 the BMS Faculty has a multi-member Faculty Board. This board encourages an integrated and coordinated approach of managing research, education and operational support. 

Photographer: Rikkert Harink

From left to right: Ciano Aydin, Ellen Giebels, Theo Toonen, Fabian Klaster en Marion Kamp

Members of the Faculty Board:

Theo Toonen Prof. dr.
Decaan BMS
Ellen Giebels Prof. dr.
Portefeuillehouder Onderzoek
Ciano Aydin Prof. dr.
Portefeuillehouder Onderwijs
Marion Kamp Drs.
Portefeuillehouder Bedrijfsvoering

A student will also be affiliated with each Faculty Board in an advisory role (studentassessor). For the BMS Faculty is Huub Stroet the studentassessor.

Faculty secretariat:

Sone Lemmens – Nergiz                  tel: 0534897557             Cubicus, room C129

Brenda Kroeze                                  tel: 0534893520             Cubicus, room C129

Alice Kragt                                        tel: 0534894591             Cubicus, room C128