UTFacultiesBMSNewsNew MSc programme Humanitarian Engineering will start in September 2025

New MSc programme Humanitarian Engineering will start in September 2025

The University Council has officially approved the new Master programme in Humanitarian Engineering to start in September 2025. The programme aims to equip engineering professionals with a set of skills and knowledge around cultural and ethical responsibility and resilience when dealing with high levels of uncertainty and working within underserved and marginalized communities. Students will work on complex humanitarian challenges all over the world and create sociotechnological solutions, for example by contributing to disaster-resilient housing, developing solutions for safe water access or providing refugee camps with sustainable power solutions. The programme hopes to attract a diverse group of students, both with technical and non-technical backgrounds. The MSc programme will also be accessible for students through a pre-master. The pre-master programme is intended to start in the academic year 2025-2026 as well.

Peter Chemweno is looking forward to leading the new MSc programme as programme director: “It’s exciting to contribute towards enhancing societal impact, for the vulnerable, marginalized and underserved. We see it as a noble responsibly, which we are enthusiastic about.”

More information about the upcoming MSc programme in Humanitarian Engineering can be found on their website: https://www.utwente.nl/en/humanitarian-engineering/.