UTFacultiesBMSNewsGerman ambassador kicks off border cycling tour in Enschede, including visit to UT

German ambassador kicks off border cycling tour in Enschede, including visit to UT

To speak to Dutch and German young people and learn more about euregional education, ambassador Cyrill Nunn travelled from The Hague to Enschede yesterday. The visit was the start of a multi-day cycling trip along the Dutch-German border.

Ambassador Cyrill Nunn: ‘Young people are the future of our border regions. I was in Enschede yesterday to hear about the experiences and challenges of young people from Enschede and its surroundings. The talks showed how close and important cross-border exchange is. We are committed to even stronger cross-border cooperation in the future, such as bringing young Dutch and German people together.’

Euroregional education initiatives - project market at Saxion

A project market was held at Saxion to learn more about euregional education initiatives in our region. At the Interreg project market, we presented various initiatives in the fields of education, labour market and healthcare. The ambassador was given a comprehensive overview of the euregional projects that contribute to education cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany, including the BRIDGE project of which UT is lead partner.

Ambassador Cyrill Nunn in conversation with Dominik Tkalcic and Caroline Fischer of the BRIDGE project.

Evening talk at the University of Twente

The day ended with an evening discussion at the University of Twente, where the ambassador held talks with Dutch and German students from the Management, Society and Technology, Public Governance across Borders and European Studies programmes. The informal conversation provided an opportunity to discuss in-depth topics such as student life in the region, what it is like to study in two countries and international students' feelings about the discussion on internationalisation at colleges and universities.

Ambassador Cyrill Nunn's visit to Enschede highlights the close cooperation and importance of euregional education initiatives for the future of the border region.