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Recognition and rewards in education A panel discussion wit, among others, Mirjam Bult

There is a growing interest in how teaching is recognised and rewarded in an academic environment. In this panel discussion with, among others, Mirjam Bult, challenges and opportunities for recognition and rewards in education will be discussed. What are the experiences of our teachers? Are there more options to have a successful career path rather than just by doing research? Are there concrete plans to support teachers in finding more recognition and being rewarded better?

On Thursday 10 June 2021, Mirjam Bult (Vice-President of the Executive Board) and Nieck Benes (Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of S&T) will discuss the challenges and opportunities of recognition and rewards in education with, among others, teachers, programme directors and HR colleagues. This ‘panel discussion’ will be broadcast live from the TechMed Centre and can be followed online by all UT staff and students through [link]. Do you have any questions or comments on this subject? Share them during the session and perhaps your question will be answered by the panel.

Thursday 10 June 2021
15.30 – 17.00
Online at UT.LIVE

Participants in this panel discussion are Tanya Bondarouk (Faculty of BMS), Stefan Kooij (Faculty of S&T), Jasper Homminga (Faculty of S&T), Annalies Idema (HR), Elyse Walter (Faculty of S&T), Jeffery Wood (Faculty of S&T), Martin van der Hoef (Faculty of S&T), and Jordy van Zandwijk (Faculty of S&T).

The panel discussion ‘Recognition and rewards in education’ is the second of two  panel discussions intended for all of UT. On Tuesday 8 June 2021 at 15.30, the panel discussion ‘Consequences of COVID-19: a lasting change for the better?’ will take place, with, among others, Tom Veldkamp, Jennifer Herek and Katrin Dircksen.

Month of Education

The panel discussion ‘Recognition and rewards in education' is part of the S&T Month of Education, which take place from 18 May till 11 June 2011. During this month, inspirational lectures, workshops and sessions with themes such as recognition and rewards, lifelong learning and challenged-based learning will be organised. With this initiative, the Faculty hopes to offer additional support and inspiration to its staff. The Month of Education will be concluded with two panel sessions. These two sessions will be broadcast for the entire UT at UT.LIVE.