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To keep you well informed of everything that is going on in the BMS LAB, we are starting a monthly newsletter.

In the first edition we will tell you among other more about our own mobile lab, you can watch a video report about how we feel about self-driving cars, you can meet the first member of our team; Jan-Willem van 't Klooster, managing director of the BMS LAB and we also share research support. All in all everything you need to know about our different projects and researches in one monthly update!

The BMS staff received our first newsletter in their mailbox, but everyone is of course invited to register for future newsletters to stay updated on what is going on in the BMS LAB.

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The BMSLab, powered by Tech4People, aims to seek solutions to social challenges by implementing state of the art technology. A high-tech environment provides the opportunities for smart innovations which can contribute to social science research.