Annual performance review period rescheduled

In the last few years, you have always had your annual performance review in the period March/May. Starting this year that will change: the 2017 annual performance reviews will be performed in October or November.

Reviews are being rescheduled because a new planning and control cycle was drawn up for the Faculty of BMS in order to improve the faculty’s operational management. Having the annual performance reviews in October or November will allow us to prepare the outcomes and consequences of the reviews more meticulously.  

Development of a new annual performance review system

As you may know, our HR department has been working on a new annual performance review system and application for a while now. We hope this system and application will be finalized in time to be used this autumn. If this is not the case, the current FJUT system will be used for one more year. You will receive more information on this in the coming period.

Has your review already been scheduled?

If your annual performance review has already been scheduled and both yourself and your manager/s wish to have the meeting at the scheduled time, please feel free to do so. You are free to have ‘progress reviews’. However, you will not be able to record the details in FJUT.   

PhD students

PhD students who embarked on their PhD after 1 January 2014 do not use FJUT. They observe TGS’ guidelines regarding the ‘qualifier’, ‘assessment’ and ‘annual reviews’ and save their review forms in the PhD Student Monitoring System (Prodoc). PhD students who embarked on their PhD before 1 January 2014 can use either FJUT or the ‘old’ forms for their annual performance reviews.


If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty of BMS’ HR department.  

Kind regards, 

On behalf of the Faculty of BMS’ HR department

John Winter, HR manager