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Frank Stegehuis got the second prize at the Bakader Event-2021

Our recent graduate, Frank Stegehuis, got the second prize for his master thesis at the Bekader Event- 2021.

Read what Frank says:
'When I attended the first HRM course at the University of Twente, I was not sure what to expect in comparison with my previous HBO-education. In fact, I was not really sure why the UT applied a technological perspective within the field of HRM and how the master would actually be valuable for me to pursue. It turns out that I made one of the best decisions that I have made so far.
The master is given by an excellent team of accessible and supportive professors and provides you with both a traditional perspective on HRM in terms of innovation and talent management and a technological perspective in terms of Human-Technology interactions and HR-analytics courses. Whereas I firstly did not see the essence of a technological perspective in a HRM-study, the technological courses changed my mind in an instant. Not only does the application of a technological perspective make HRM a whole lot more interesting, it also increases the value of the master by a significant amount. Because society is rapidly changing into a world that is dependent on and driven by new technologies, our understanding of how the ordinary worker interacts with technology is essential for organizations to perform. That is also the reason why I wrote my master thesis about the interaction between digital generations of workers and digital tools in a work-environment and why an HRM-diploma of the University of Twente provides you with an extra step ahead of your competition. Hence, the HRM-specialization of the MBA at the University of Twente provides you with a future-oriented education within a supportive and warm environment that causes the most boring pieces of science to be fun to read. I would therefore recommend anyone who has an interest in HRM to participate in this master!'.