Research vision

The HRM department at the University of Twente is dedicated to cutting-edge research and teaching in the field of HRM, with particular emphasis on HRM, Technology and Innovation as applied in efforts to develop research and teaching partnerships between UT faculty members working in the area of HRM, Bachelor’s and Master’s students, and HR executives.

  1. HRM & Innovation Performance (focus is on the contribution of HRM to multi-level individual, team and organizational performance)
  2. Innovating HRM function (focus is on the effectiveness of various innovations in the HRM function and their value creation for organizations)  
  3. HRM & Technology (focus is on the role of Electronic HRM (e-HRM), robots in HRM, gig workers, exploring and analyzing effectiveness of e-HRM and its implementation) 

International collaborations have been established in both research projects and teaching, and to a different extent in the joint supervision of PhD projects: