2017-07 MSc or BSc assignment: Optimization of on-site flows

Optimization of on-site flows


Tata Steel in Shotton is located near the town of Chester in the UK and has an Organic Coated Steel production capacity of ~300kt/year. Shotton is a very profitable site, where specialty Branded and Premium Products are produced and sold worldwide. Besides the strong market focus, the plant focusses on best in class production, as well as maintain fit for purpose production costs. To optimize production costs, further programs are developed. The assignment will be used for practical implementation at the site, as well as to form input to the PhD study on Organizational Learning and supply chain by Tom Eussen.

Research Question

The site is aiming to reduce production costs by reducing packing, warehousing and site vehicle movements. The assignment will be aiming to facilitate and develop the optimal program.

  1. Provide a theoretical overview of relevant supply chain concepts to be applied
  2. Investigate current routing and scheduling requirements for on-site material flows
  3. Identify optimal solution and cost savings achieved.

Research Method

Use of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of on-site flows will help to determine the optimal solution.


English speaking and willingness to live abroad for the duration of the assignment.


Please contact Tom Eussen at tom.eussen@tatasteel.com (+44-7748931350) or Jos van Hillegersberg at j.vanhillegersberg@utwente.nl (+31-53- 4893513).