Discrete-Event Simulation of Production Processes at Suzlon


Suzlon Group is among the world's leading renewable energy solutions provider that is revolutionizing and redefining the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed across the world. Present in 18 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, Suzlon is powering a greener tomorrow with its strong competencies in renewable energy systems. Suzlon’s extensive range of robust and reliable products backed by its cutting-edge R&D and more than two decades of expertise are designed to ensure optimum performance, higher yields and maximum return on investment for the customers.

A leader in wind energy space since 1995, Suzlon offers a 360-degree solutions package to its customers that covers the entire spectrum of wind energy projects. With over 11,600 wind turbines installed across six continents and 15 world-class, wind turbine manufacturing facilities in India and China, Suzlon wind energy solutions have become the byword for innovation and competitive advantage. Providing an all-encompassing solution to wind-energy projects in the form of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) that are infused with state-of-the-art technology from their blades, nacelle, towers and foundations. These WTGs carry the hallmark of reliability and sustainability and have a proven track record of enabling customers to maximize their return on investments.

Suzlon’s two decades of expertise in providing renewable energy solutions and deep knowledge of wind energy has helped it to become of the world's largest and leading producers of wind turbines in the world. The organization also pioneered the ‘Concept to Commissioning’ model in wind energy, enabling it to meet the breadth and depth of customer requirements across the renewable energy value chain.

Our research facility in Hengelo is focused in blade design and integration. The team is composed by about 50 experts engineers in the field of structural design, material technology, advance tooling, composite material and product support engineering.


The multi-dimensional approach adopted by Suzlon to value engineering and cost reduction provides better margins and a competitive advantage to its customers thereby being able to provide and sustain the very best in renewable energy solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

For these purposes, Suzlon has started an ambitious project in the direction of digital transformation of production, operations and logistics. Using different platforms through visual tools, the main objective of this transformation is to study process trends, enhance production reliability and achieve delivery targets.

Within this action, in our research facility in Hengelo the MSc assignment will be focused on simulation and  production optimization with discrete-event simulation (DES) software as Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. More specifically the student will work directly with our experienced colleagues to perform the following activities:

  • Definition of digital twin models of production lines with DES Tecnomatix Plant Simulation;
  • Definition of ad-hoc logics with DES Tecnomatix Plant Simulation programming language in labor intensive environment;
  • Implementation of digital twin models in 3D modelling;
  • Application of the new features of the DES Tecnomatix Plant Simulation such as cranes and fluid objects with the definition of specific libraries;
  • Extracting and exchanging data obtained from other actions implemented in the digital transformation initiative.


The student will contribute to detailed reports and models, he will eventually present internally to the department. Of course, he will find all support needed provided by the research facility colleagues but the assignment also requires the student to be self-managing in handling his/her tasks and deadlines.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Contact persons:

Dr.ir. A.M. de Crescenzo. If you are interested, please send a CV and motivation letter to: a.de.crescenzo@suzlon.com

Dr.ir. M.R.K. Mes - m.r.k.mes@utwente.nl