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MSc assignment TEUbooker: matching container transport within the port of Rotterdam


The Maasvlakte II terminals are getting on stream. This results in more scattered volume of cargo in the port area. Feeders used for picking up transshipment containers will not be able to call various deepsea terminals at a costs efficient manner. This leads to a weakening of the transshipment proposition of the Port of Rotterdam compared to Antwerp, Felixstowe and German ports. The internal road lane (Container Exchange Route, CER) will not be operational before Q2-2018.

Due to the absence of an internal container exchange route (CER), all transshipment containers that need to be shunted between terminals (estimated >250.000 per year) will have to be moved by trucks on public roads or by train. This will lead to increased congestion at terminal gates as well as additional pressure on the existing infrastructure. Moreover it will add to more emissions and unforeseen costs for clients of the Port of Rotterdam. Next to that, the current booking process for both transshipment containers and hinterland containers is not transparent, efficient, and time consuming. Ultimately this could lead to loss of volume to competing (transshipment) ports.


The challenge is to create a cost efficient, easy to use, high volume, and structural solution for the exchange of transshipment containers between MV II terminals internally, and between MVII terminals and the short-sea terminals in the WEH area. The main issues to solve are non-optimal planning and the employment of unused capacity/slots.


The proposed solution is to provide a water based inter-terminal exchange route with real-time matching of demand and supply. The key principles of this concept are:

Goal of this project

The main goal of this project proposal is to solve planning and capacity problems in the Port of Rotterdam related to transshipment containers between terminals on the Maasvlakte internally and between Maasvlakte and Waal-Eemhaven terminals.



The research consists of two themes, a combination of these themes is also possible within the MSc assignment.

Theme 1

Theme 2

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