Simulation of autonomous vehicle systems at logistic hubs

Bachelor Assignment TBK: Simulation of autonomous vehicle systems at logistic hubs

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Berry Gerrits (

Assignment description

The IEBIS department of the University of Twente researches multi-agent systems for the planning & control of advanced logistics systems with self-driving/autonomous vehicles. PhD Candidate Berry Gerrits’s research is currently focused on this topic and has a small company (Distribute) to connect his research with business/commercial interest and to obtain input from practice. We are looking for bachelor students to assist us within this research domain. More specifically we are looking for students how like to use Plant Simulation and performed well during their bachelor simulation course. You will be working together with Berry Gerrits who has a lot of experience in Plant Simulation and can help you during your bachelor assignment. Multiple topics within this domain are possible and can be tailored to your specific interests. Some of the examples are: (i) assessment of dynamic priority ruling for AGVs to lower congestion at junctions, (ii) assessment of battery charging alternatives to effectively charge AGVs and (iii) dynamic dispatching of cargo to AGVs using game theoretic principles. In all cases you are required to perform a (small) structured literature review on the topic, implement a solution concept in Plant Simulation, perform experiments and present them in a concise matter. We already have some advanced simulation models available, which you may use to speed up your work. Your work will contribute both to the scientific world and to business interests from practice. Depending on your results and availability of future work you may be invited to work at Distribute to continue your research during your master.