Master graduation assignment IEM / BIT: intoPOCT @ MobiHealth

Supervisor contact: Lucas Meertens (L.O.Meertens at

MobiHealth offers patients the ability to self-manage their health by monitoring their health status independent of time and place, while they stay in touch with their geographically distant healthcare professionals: putting care in motion.

MobiHealth has a customer-oriented approach and works closely with key stakeholders in healthcare (e.g. patients, healthcare professionals, patient organizations, insurers). We realize easily deployable telemonitoring solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of our customer. Members of our multi-disciplinary team are knowledge-driven and have a passion for delivering top quality solutions to our customers.

The solution for this assignment is related to Point-of-care testing (POCT). POCT equipment enables General Practitioners (GPs) to perform measurements that previously needed to be done in a laboratory. With POCT@GP™, measurements at the GP automatically travel to the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Patient and operator identification are scanned or entered for each measurement. The measurement result is automatically transmitted wirelessly to a computer at the GP's office. At the press of a button, one or more results can be sent to the lab.

For this new technology, the business model is still unclear. In this assignment, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and the Business Modelling Methodology (BMM) are suggested to improve the understanding of the situation and come up with viable business cases. MobiHealth has access to several sources of data. Methods to extract information may range from interviews with care professionals to obtaining financial numbers to analyzing meta-data from existing implementations. The result of this assignment are a qualitative Business Model for POCT in the Netherlands (including stakeholder analysis), and two quantitative Business Cases for Laboratories and MobiHealth each. Important is that the new MobiHealth model of data transfer is compared with the traditional way of data transfer in terms of time, handlings costs and data security, accuracy and timeliness.

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