2015-03 Can You Predict The Next Cyber Threat

Can You Predict The Next Cyber Threat?

Keywords: Cybercrime, Cyber Security, Threats, Trends, Visualizing
Date: March 04, 2015
Teachers: J.H. Bullee MSc and Dr. L. Montoya
We are looking for a master student with an interest in cybercrime and cyber security.


The evolution in the use of computers has changed tremendously since the 1960s; from punch-card-driven room-sized machines in the 1960's to the personal home computer (PC) of the 1990's and the smartphone of the current decade, where most of the photos and other data made or viewed on the device is stored in the cloud.
The change in computer size, capability and use implies that the vulnerabilities of this technology have changed as well.


Within the TREsPASS research project, we are interested in investigation how threats in connection with such technology have changed over time.
Newspaper items would allow identifying, classifying and visualizing emerging cyber threats and analyzing the trends.

If you would like to earn 10 ECTS whilst potentially predicting the next big cyber threat, contact us.
You will be working on this within the framework of a European project (http://www.trespass-project.eu/).
Contact: J.H. Bullee ZI 4047
E-mail: j.h.bullee@utwente.nl (cc to: a.l.montoya@utwente.nl)