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Symposium | Resilient Women and Sustainable Innovation in HE on the occasion of the farewell of Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof

Petra C. de Weerd is Professor of Organisation Studies & Innovation (Entrepreneurship & Technology Management (HBE-ETM)), BMS, University of Twente, and Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Military Sciences NLDA-FMW. The symposium is organised on the occasion of her appointment as Full Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science at the Open Universiteit.

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This farewell symposium with 5 (former) deans as speakers touches content wise on 3 topics which are very close to my heart: sustainable innovation, resilience, and women in higher education. I am particularly pleased with the opening key note by Carla Millar who will share here experiences and views on female deans in (Dutch) higher education, and will say farewell to UT’s Ambassadors Network at the same occasion. Linked to that, but also in a broader sense, Tanya Bondarouk and Jennifer Herek as deans and women at our technical university speak about the importance of recogintion and rewards in (Dutch) Higher Education. Paquita Perez, colleague at Open Universiteit, and myself will connect and bridge these insights with resilience and skills for sustainable innovation, particularly in HE and the academic world, focusing also on the role of women, female academic entrepreneurs and girls in STEM. We hope to inspire all attendees (online or on-campus) with these connected short speeches!

Date and time:   May 17th, 2022, 16.00 – 17.45
Venue:  Agora, Vrijhof, and video-streaming (UT Vimeo)



Welcome and Opening

Tanya Bondarouk
Dean, Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences and Professor of Human Resources Management, University of Twente


The Female Dean

Carla Millar
Former Dean Exec Ed at City Univ. Business School and former Dean/CEO at TSM (UT & RUG)
Emeritus Professor International Marketing & Management and member of UT's Ambassadors Network, University of Twente


Recognition and Rewards

Jennifer Herek
Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Twente
Professor of Optical Sciences, MESA+, University of Twente

Tanya Bondarouk
Dean, Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences, University of Twente
Professor of Human Resources Management, University of Twente
Board member Dutch Network of Women Professors

Jointly leading the Recognition & Rewards committee at Universities of the Netherlands


Learning for Sustainability: Higher Education and Professionals

Paquita Perez
Former Dean, Faculty of Science at Open University
Professor of Natural Sciences and Education in Environmental Sciences, Open Universiteit


Resilient Organisations Innovate! 

Petra de Weerd - Nederhof             
Dean Faculty of Science at Open University
Professor of Organisation Studies and Innovation at University of Twente
Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Military Sciences, Dutch Royal Defense Academy


Final words

Vinod Subramaniam
President, University of Twente

Tom Veldkamp
Rector Magnificus
University of Twente

Tanya Bondarouk
Dean Faculty of BMS, University of Twente.

17:45 - 18:45



Instead of personal gifts Petra prefers donations to the "Fonds voor eerste-generatie studenten", a Universiteitsfonds initiative.