Student Members BMS EEG Research Hub

Dorvanique Cocks (MA-student): The vigilant brain in a driving simulator

Alexandra Coroiu (MA-student): Testing the Two Successive Time Windows Approach

Ivania Jahangier (MA-student): External and internal spatial attention re-examined with lateralized power spectra

Alexander Haas (MA-student): Thetapower in the ADD-N task of Daniel Kahneman

Leon von Haugwitz (MA-student): Stress Effects on visuospatial orienting reflected in posterior alpha oscillations

Tobias Merkelbach (MA-student): The involvement of the prefrontal cortex while solving non-verbal syllogisms

Yannic Söhngen (MA-student): Structural and functional connectivity changes in musicians as compared to controls

Daphne Titsing (MA-student): Event-related synchronization and desynchronization in the discrete sequence production task

Max Weigand (MA-student): Functional connectivity examined with sustained and transient somatosensory spatial attention