PROMETHEUS project is an EIT Horizon Europe Initiative project with a consortium consisting of Universities, Research Centers and Enterprises from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia. The project aims to focus on developing impact driven partnership, high quality education programs and support tools and services. All in the areas of Digital Transformation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Circular economy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

University of Twente Role: developing and monitoring regional innovation ecosystems

As the leader of two work packages in this project, University of Twente focusses on the development, strengthening and monitoring of regional ecosystems. With a focus on knowledge exchange activities, we aim to develop and strengthen the regional ecosystem by look at how to promote the role of impact-driven universities. The development of the regional ecosystem is supported by the Network Theory and a Network Platform. This platform, designed by the University of Twente, enables us to visualize the regional ecosystem. In addition, the platform allows Prometheus partners to monitor their network development and to explore different features of the knowledge graph (e.g., relationships, ego-networks, structural parameters, centrality statistics, etc.).

In addition to the role of developing regional ecosystems, the University of Twente develops the MOOC ‘Taking leadership in digital transformations. A MOOC of approximately 1,5 ECTS answering the following questions:  What is Leadership in Digital Transformations? What is a practical Digital Transformation leadership toolbox? How can I lead Digital Transformation developments? Focussing on the perspective that taking leadership is a role for everyone.

Chloë Gerritsen – Project researcher
Robert Muster – Project researcher
Sjoerd de Vries – Project researcher