UTFacultiesBMSDept HIBCOMResearchTheme 1: Digital Society

Digital Polarization - the Dutch Search Engine Project

Do your coworkers, acquaintances, or family see the same search engine results as you do? In that case, why not? Are the search results tailored just for you? If so, what standards apply? What subjects do search engines recommend to people like you and me? What part do search engine results play in the growing polarization of our society?

Everyone needs to have access to the same information and be diversely informed. If this is not the case, you can end up in a filter bubble or echo chamber without being aware of it. So, in order to learn more about search results returned to a broad group pf people and the possible impact on polarisation, a citizen science approach by means of a browser extension, was developed. Anyone in The Netherlands (18+) can participate by simply installing browser extension, which is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Microsoft Edge.

Website: https://digitalepolarisatie.nl/
Contact: Shenja van der Graaf