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Submitted condolences 51-75

Messages 51-75

51. Liudvika Leisyte (Colleague at CHEPS)

Dear Paul's family,

Please accept my deepest condolences for such an unexpected loss of Paul. This is a great loss for higher education and science research community. I remember Paul as a colleague with whom we worked on mulitple projects and a couple of project proposals. When he came first to CHEPS he right away got a group of us together and we wrote an article for Built environment.

I remember he went to South Korea for a conference and was hospitalized. My friend went then to visit him and I remember after he returned to CHEPS he was sharing his experience of how hard it was to be so far away from home in such a situation. It is hearhening that in the last weeks he was with family and his loved ones. 
To me he was an example of a very determined and talented scholar who knew his way with words and collaborated with many. His enthusiasm will be sorely missed.
Wishing you a lot of strenght in this difficult period! 
With my best wishes, Liudvika

52. Tarjei A Heggernes (Colleague)

So sad to see you go.

53. John Winter (Colleague at BMS and member of the indoor football team Paul joined as well)

Very sad to hear about this loss. 
His football skills may have been limited, but his drive never let him down.
As a BMS colleague: his sharp mind will be remembered indeed.

54. Han Gardeniers (I enjoyed playing futsal with Paul for several years in our university team)

I was extremely saddened to hear about Paul's fate, and I wish his family my deepest sympathy in these difficult times. Paul and I know each other mostly from playing together in the UT-Kring futsal team. I especially remember Paul's fierce rushes along the sideline of the playing field, always keeping an eye on fairplay and never allowing his team mates to give up, even with scores that were impossible to catch up. Since professionally Paul and I only interacted occasionally, I do not know whether his sports attitude was symbolic for his academic life, and I admit I even know less about his family life, he never shared much about it. Nevertheless, Paul made an indelible impression and I will remember him as one of the kindest colleagues I have been in contact with at our university.

55. Michel ten Bulte (lid van ons futsalteam)

Geschrokken en geschokt ontving ik het bericht van het plotseling overlijden van onze teamgenoot Paul. Vele jaren heb ik met hem mogen zaalvoetballen. Hij vertelde bij zijn kennismaking in gebrekkig Nederlands, dat hij vroeger in Engeland had gerugbyd, en graag met ons wilde voetballen. Hij was geen natuurtalent, maar compenseerde dat met een heerlijke bevlogenheid en fanatisme. In de loop der jaren, steeg het niveau van het Nederlands duidelijk sneller dan dat van zijn voetbalkwaliteiten [:)], We zullen hem blijven herdenken als een fijne en enthousiaste teamgenoot. Ik wens de familie heel veel sterkte met het verwerken van dit verlies. We zullen hem missen.
Michel. Futsalteam Muppets.

56. anne isabelle Robbestad (Dean for the faculty of business administration and Social sciences (Western Norway university of applied Sciences))

Paul belonged to our faculty , where he had a key rolle in our New Phd program in responsible innovation and regional Development . Paul was a hard worker , creativ , open to new thoughts and a great and prolific researcher. He was very including and contributed to an increase for our faculty regarding research Collaborations and applications for external funding. As a person he was very kind and humble person and he was always available for discussions or support if needed. Our institution and especially the members of our facuty are very sadened by the fact that he is no longer with us and we won't meet him again.
Our sincere condolences to his wife Leanne and his children .

57. Anastasiia Konstantynova (Researcher from the same field, Paul reviewer of several articles)

I was deeply sad to read such horrible news on the Paul’s sudden pathing away. He was such a brilliant person and mind, optimistic, energetic with lots of great and amazing thoughts, ideas and views. His amazing contribution will keep his spirit live forever! Wish lots of strengths to the family and dear ones!

58. Aleid Brouwer (regional studies network, mutual research interest)

What a shock to learn about Paul's passing. A loss for the community and regional science. He will be missed.

59. Alina Meloyan (CHEPS/RUNIN)

I was so saddened by the news. It is a very big loss for all of us who knew him. My deepest condolences to Paul's family. 
He was a very supportive colleague who could always help with the right word and extend a helping hand. 
Rest in peace, Paul.

60. Klaas-Jan Gorter (Paul was a dear friend of one of my best friends)

Dear Paul,

I am so very sad to hear that you left us. Life is unfair, isn't it? The ones that should stay, are taken from us and the ones that we want to get rid of seam to be here forever.

But alas, such is life.

I didn't know you very well, Paul. We only met a few times. Maybe ten? I don't remember exactly. A few times in Enschede, we watched some FC Twente games, went to the Rugby Festival in Newcastle and shared some beers in het Bolwerk. Nothing special. But we got along quite well, I think. 

I always looked forward to see you. I liked the way you were thinking and I liked the way you were talking. And I especially liked your way of drinking beers :-) 

It hurts to know that we won't share anymore beers in this life. But you know, maybe there's something else, a place where we will meet again. And if that place exists, hopefully you will wait for us with a few ice cold vaasjes filled to the brim with the best beer that you could get us :-)

So long, Paul. Until we meet again.


61. Kleinwerk Martin Damhuis (Customer)

I am shocked when I read this message in the newspaper. Paul was a friendly man, I wish Leanne and kids a lot of strength.

62. Mulu Nega Kahsay. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CHEPS alumni)

I would like to express my condolence on the loss of Dr.Paul Benneworth. This is a sad news for us. I extend my deepest sympathies to all his colleagues at CHEPS and his family during this difficult time.

63. Keith Burge (Professional)

I first met Paul in the late 1990s, discussing his academic work, including the subject matter of his PhD thesis. And even though he made me feel intellectually inadequate, I never held it against him! More recently, our interactions were limited to following each other on Twitter. While I made bad jokes, he continued with the clever stuff. RIP

64. Maxine Ulrich Houston (Professional and personal)

I want to pass on my sincere condolences to Leanne, Theo and Martha. I'm saddened by the news and their untimely loss. Though not knowing them well, our lives have touched at various points since the late 90's, Paul's days at CURDS and Leanne's at Northumbria. I only want to say how sorry I am and that I wish them strength.

65. Aard Groen (colleague from his start on in Twente @nikos)

It was an enormous shock to learn from Martin Stienstra that Paul passed away. We worked together and had good discussions at and about the entrepreneurial university, and remember also how Paul contributed in his eloquent style to events at UT and elsewhere. Most I think of him as an engaged and friendly colleague. With his passing away we lose a great person, but the loss for Leanne and the kids is unimaginable and I wish them much strength in this very difficult period.

66. GILL BENTLEY (Through the Regional Studies Association)

Paul's death is a great loss to the academic community.

On the personal level, my heart goes out to you. My husband died unexpectedly, due to sepsis, the result of pneumonia, 3 years ago. I found the grief is difficult to handle. I had counselling. I have learned to live with his death but it still hurts.

67. Freddy Mensink (Stichting Stop Afvalwater Twente)

We are schocked by the sad Message off the dying of Paul. He helped us by our struckle to stop injection off water here in N.O. Twente, what is done by the NAM. Paul was a very amable man with a lot off knowledge and pleasure. It is so sad that he died at so early age. We wish the Family and all off hou all the best in these sad Times.

68. Verena Schulze Greiving (Colleague)

I'm devastated to hear that Paul passed away! As many others already stated, I experienced him as a passionate and engaged researcher and supervisor. During our short project together I learned a lot from him. I wish his wife Leanne, his two children and his family a lot of strength in this difficult time!

69. Kornelia Konrad (colleague and co-author)

Dear Leanne,
I am deeply shocked about the sudden loss of your husband and will miss him a lot. I met Paul for the first time at a conference in 2009 where we noted that we would both soon move to Twente to neighbouring departments.We have continued to work on a joint project, so he remained a close colleague for me even after he went to Norway. I have very much enjoyed working with Paul on our joint projects and papers and I will miss his sharp thinking and writing enormously. I wish you and your children all the strength and courage you will need for the time ahead!

70. Heidi Skramstad, Karin Wibrand, Anne-Mette Somby, Terje Gravdal, Øyvind Drivenes, Eirin Fausa Pettersen, Trond Brattelid, Hallstein Madsen, Fabian Bonitz, Andrea Nicole Volbers, Helene Halleraker, Elise Aabel Eriksen (Research administration Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL))

We are all saddened by the loss of a truly unique and dedicated colleague. Paul came as a breath of fresh air to HVL and has through his constant seeking of new opportunities for external funding, been an inspiration. He was among HVL’s most attractive partners in international projects and constantly invited, both to lead and participate. He was always grateful for any support we could provide. We really appreciated his, for us non-native English speakers, rather advanced humoristic and academic formulations. We will really miss him and send our warmest thoughts to his family.

71. Renze (Colleague)

Paul’s passing continues to be a shock. We worked together in Crossing Borders, and I will always remember his passion and dedication to educate students. My sincere condolences to Leanne and family.

72. Sofya Kopelyan (Paul's PhD student (CHEPS/RUNIN))

One the first emails I received from Paul as my PhD supervisor contained photos of the office that was waiting for me at the University of Twente – a view of the room and a plaque with my name on it. After that, many times I had an opportunity to observe his incredible attention to detail and a thoughtful understanding of the human condition. I wish everyone who has known Paul strength in dealing with the definitive expression of the human condition that befell him.

73. Ida Grundel (Research visit)

It is with great sadness that I received the news about Paul. It was thanks to him that I came to University of Twente and Enschede for a short research visit in fall 2017. We had many great chats during the three months I spent in Enschede and Paul was very helpful in helping me to come there. For me the research visit as such was maybe not the most giving from a research perspective, but it gave me the opportunity to build new and long lasting relationships with other international scholars that will always be with me in my heart, but also in real life. And for that I will always be thankful to Paul.

74. Egbert de Weert (colleague at CHEPS)

I was shocked hearing about Paul´s passing away, so early in his life which was full of vitality. I worked with Paul in a few projects, we went together to Prague to advise the government about the role of research organisations in innovation and regional development. I learned to know him better and appreciated an everlasting drive to make the best of his work. His perseverance knew no bounds, most remarkably running the Enschede marathon.
I wish Leanne, the children and other family much strength to bear this enormous loss!
Egbert de Weert, former CHEPS senior researcher

75. Olga Boers-Ekelmans (Office for Educational Affairs BMS)

It was a shock to read in the newspaper that Paul Benneworth passed away. I will remember him as a kind and unique person with a lot of humor. I wish his wife Leanne, his two children, his family and friends all the strength and courage you will need for the time ahead. Paul will be mist by a lot of people.