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Submitted condolences 26-50

Messages 26-50

26. Suzan Mbatudde Skjold (Phd student)

I am shocked beyond words! Paul was kind enough to agree to be my supervisor on a phd starting this August. His mail was filled with enthusiasm! I cannot imagine how those near him will cope with his loss, but hope they find solace in how wonderful a person paul was! Even to complete strangers. May he rest in peace.

27. Tanya Bondarouk

All the strengths with this unbelievable loss... speechless

28. Rainer (Colleague at BMS/NIKOS/ESIM)

I was a honor be acquainted with Paul. I wish his family all the strength!

29. Koen Frenken (Colleague from Utrecht University)

Dear family,

Our thoughts our with you with the sudden loss of Paul. I met Paul at various conferences and he also gave a seminar here in Utrecht a couple of years ago. He was always very engaged, open and enthousiastic. Paul was able to connect people and ideas from different domains, thus creating room for new spaces of thinking. His creativity and energy will be missed.

I wish you all the strength and support needed to cope with the tragic loss of your husband and father.

30. Sami Mahroum (Collaborator)

Paul and I worked together on a Nesta report entitled Regional Innovation Journeys. I visited him in Newcastle and we spent quite a bit of time working together. We stayed in touch ever since and exchanged messages on conference and papers.

Paul was a very energetic, warm and thoughtful man. I am very saddened and shocked by his early departure. I will surely remember him for the rest of my life. 

My condolences go to his family, colleagues and friends.

31. Kevin Ward (Academic peer)

This should not happen. but it does, unfortunately. Paul and I crossed paths a few times over the years, starting when he was doing his PhD and i had just completed mine. We were not "close". When we saw each other we might just say hello or we might have a quick catch up. Always chatty and friendly, he seemed to have created a niche for himself. Such a loss, as a person and as an academic.

32. Ringo Ossewaarde (collegial)

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my esteemed colleague. We have worked together in the BSc Management, Society and Technology program; and we have supervised various master theses together. It was always a pleasure to work with Paul. My deepest sympathies go out to all of Paul's beloved ones. My condolences.

33. Marieke Esveldt-Sibeijn (Former colleague at the University of Twente)

It came as a shock to me to read that Paul has passed away.
I remember him as a very dedicated, enthusiastic and friendly person. It was a pleasure to have worked with him for the RUNIN Summerschool project in 2018.

My deepest condolences to the family and friends and a lot of strenght.

34. Wendy Kremer (Travel Coordinator UT)

My sincere condolences to his wife and children, so sad to hear of this devestating news! We booked many flights for Paul, such a nice person!
Thinking about you and wishing you all so much strength, he will be dearly missed!

Best regards, Wendy

35. Bob Newbery (Colleague)

I am very sorry to hear of Paul's passing and would like to pass on my condolences to his family. I knew Paul as a researcher and would bump into him at various conferences where we always had interesting conversations about rural and regional research. He was always generous with his time and will be missed greatly in the academic community.

36. Ariana Need (collegue working in Public Administration)

I want to express my sincere condoleances to Leanne and the children. This must be a terrible loss. I will warmly remember Paul as a collegue safeguarding the principles of inclusivity and integrity.

37. Mirjam Vaanholt (Colleague)

Dear Leanne, Theo and Martha,
So very sorry for you loss, my deepest condolences. My thoughts are with you.

38. Annette van der Tuk (Secretary within the faculty BMS)

I was shocked when I heard of Paul's death.
I have known Paul as a very nice young man for about 10 years. We sometimes had a chat at the coffee machine, at the time in the Capitool building. After moving to the Ravelijn building on the UT campus in 2010, we met again there with some regularity, sometimes for a chat, sometimes work-related.
His death is a great shock to all colleagues. I wish you - Leanne and children - a lot of strength to bear this loss.

R.I.P. dear Paul.

39. Daniëlle Boelen (Management Assistant PGT (former M.A. @ CHEPS))

My sincere condolences to the sudden death of your husband and your father.
I wish you a lot of strength.

40. Philip Shapira (Colleague)

Shocked and saddened to hear this news. I am among Paul's many colleagues who so deeply mourn this too early loss -- as we also cherish his leadership, constructive insight, humanity, and warmth. My thoughts and deepest condolences to Leanne and family.

41. Kate Clarke, Beate Bergsholm and Marta Dixon (Vestland County Council, Norway)

We are shocked and saddened to hear of Paul’s passing. He was one of our key contacts at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and we were really excited to be working together on both recent initiatives and new project ideas.

Paul was enthusiastic about the partnership between our organisations and passionate about using his research and experience to provide real benefit to people and organisations in the Vestland region.

We send our sincere condolences to Paul’s family, friends and colleagues.

42. Jan Beseda (I worked with Paul in PERIF project)

R. I. P. Dear Paul, it was an honor to work with you. Sincere condolences to family and colleagues.

43. Effie Amanatidou (Work-related)

I first came to know Paul under an EU-SPRI grant where together with other colleagues we wrote a position/discussion paper on social innovation. By the first minute I was taken by his high intellect that turned my simple phrases into incredible pieces of text. I remember I wished I had his talent!
This first piece of work we did together on social innovation was actually a turning point that encouraged me to keep on researching this topic where his contribution was of immense value. He will be greatly missed!
To his friends and family: please accept my deepest condolences!

44. Jörgen Svensson (Together we represented VAWO in OPUT)

The list of Paul’s activities at the UT is impressive. I would like to add his work for the Union for Science (VAWO) and his contributions in representing UT personnel in OPUT. He showed great enthusiasm and a strong moral compass.

45. Cillian O'Gara (former student)

Prof. Benneworth was an absolute gentleman who helped accommodate me in my own difficult circumstances during my time as a student at the UT. I was extremely shocked and saddened to hear of his passing.

My sincere condolences to his family and friends in this already difficult time for so many of us. He will be sorely missed. 

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.

46. Anne Beaulieu (a colleagues in STS)

A great loss to the academic community and I was very saddened to hear of his death. A thoughtful scholar, Paul was a warm-hearted and humble colleague, two traits are all too rare. These made every interaction with him very worthwhile. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by him for a research project and also to see him regularly at events and conferences, and I will miss his presence. My most sincere condolences to those who will miss him as part of their daily life.

47. RRI2SCALE Consortium (Colleagues)

A bright mind, a rigorous researcher, a gentle, lively person. We will deeply miss him. Our sincere condolences to his wife Leanne and their children.

Colleagues from the RRI2SCALE Project

48. Harry de Boer (CHEPS colleague)

Dear Leanne, Theo and Martha,
Paul's sudden death makes me very sad. It's simply incomprehensible. Life is sometimes so unfair. In addition to his academic merits, Paul has given us so much in his own creative, involved, energetic, humorous and productive way. I will fill the emptiness that Paul leaves with me with the many good memories of him. I hope you will find the strength to do the same. My deepest condolences.

49. Sergio Manrique (PhD Fellow - RUNIN Project)

While deeply shocked and saddened with Paul's passing, I would like to express my sincere condolences to his family for this big loss.

Paul was one of the most brilliant and committed academics I have ever met; he definitely left a great footprint in all the projects and teams he was part of and in all the people who had the pleasure to meet him. We will all remember him as a caring and motivating person and as real academic role model. I am sure his legacy will endure in time and many young scholars he supported and motivated will preserve and follow the paths and lessons he forged.

Rest in peace, Paul.

Photos submitted by Sergio Manrique

50. Geoffrey Williams (ENRESSH & EvalHum)

I cannot express how greatly I appreciated Paul. He was a founder member of EvalHum, and thus a key plotter in our funding attempts and the building of the ENRESSH COST Action. As a work group leader, he was an absolute model of efficiency and dynamism. He lead the group from the front with a constant flow of ideas, a mine of information open to more ideas and more Information. We could not have done so much without him, we shall do our best to pick up the heritage.

He helped found EvalHum and was a key motor. EvalHum went largely to sleep during our four years of ENRESSH, but Paul was present when we started planning the return of EvaLHum to the frontline as the natural continuity of everything done to date in COST. I counted on seeing him at RESSH, I counted on continuing an article together, and I counted on having a drink and sharing stories with a good friend.

The phrase that sticks in my mind was whilst having the RESSH meal with lovely wine in Valencia. We had chatted about our upbringings, very similar despite him being in the North and me in the South, and with 18 years difference of age, me being he elder. He turned, glass of wine in hand, and said "I drink, but I don't gamble". "Me, neither" I replied. We both had sons of temperance Methodist backgrounds, and indeed we both liked wine and beer, we shared friendship and sins.

I shall miss Paul enormously, but he is simply no longer with us physically. His spirit, good humour and work live on through us. 

My heartfelt condolences to Leanne and the children.