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Submitted condolences 76-100

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76. Professor Geoff Whittam (Regional Studies Board Member, joint publication Special Issue on Clusters European Planning Studies, joint organiser RSA workshop series on Clusters)

It was a pleasure to know Paul. He was always up-beat, optimistic, incredibly dedicated to his work, always good fun down the pub! I had a good laugh with him the week before he passed, reminiscing over past RSA events, via email. Even though hard working Paul always had time for family, friends and colleagues. He will be greatly missed 

77. Marjolein Caniels (Joint attendance summer school Newcastle)

Dear family, I know Paul from having attended a summer school in Newcastle. That must have been around 1998 or so. After I received my PhD I've occasionally been in contact with Paul, via a book chapter or via his involvement in regional science research. He was a master with words and a great researcher. I'm shocked to hear that he's no longer around. I wish you strength in this difficult time and the times to come. Take care, Marjolein

78. Kasia Zalewska (colleague)

Dear Leanne, I wish you and the kids all the strengths in the world. It's so sad I hardly can find the words. I met Paul many years ago when I was doing my Ph.D. He was still working in Newcastle. Then in 2011/12, we organised a conference together. Great mind. 

We were supposed to meet in September at a Ph.D. defense......

79. Elin Merethe Oftedal (Colleague)

Paul was a pillar in our research community. We learned so much from him and he was incredibly supportive. We will never forget him! (PS, I have a couple of photos but cant upload them, contact me if you want to collect them)

80. Fisseha Mamo Gebreyes (Colleague at CHEPS)

I am extremely saddened by passing away of Paul Benneworth. My condolences! My thoughts and prayer is with Leanne and her children, and all CHEPS Team.

81. Marijke Schmand (Visitor of our university hotel)

On behalf of the U Parkhotel team, our sincere condolences on the death of your husband and father. We wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time.

Best regards,
Marijke Schmand
General Manager

82. Emma O'Brien (TEFCE Project)

Having knowledge of Paul’s extensive contribution to the field of HEI Community Engagement it was wonderful to finally meet with him in person at the first TEFCE meeting in Dresden (2018). During that meeting and many others he shared his deep knowledge in a realistic and pragmatic way with much humour and boundless energy.

Disseminating and sharing the TEFCE project outputs will be one small way that we can honour Paul’s substantial academic contribution to the field of community engagement.

Paul and I shared stories of both of our young families and travels and my thoughts are now with Paul’s wife, children and family at this horribly sad time.

83. Uwe Brandenburg (Worked with him and admired his work)

Dear family and friends, I am so shocked and sad to learn that Paul has passed away. He went many decades before his time. I had the pleasure to meet him and also work with him on some projects over the years and admired his clear thinking, rigorous scientific mind and scrutiny as well as his humour. I will miss him dearly and it feels unbelievable that I will never again discover a new piece of work that he has published. My thoughts are with you as the family and friends and I want to express my sincere condolences.

Uwe Brandenburg 

84. Fazela Haniff (IEASA)

Gone too soon, may he rest I peace. 

85. Tatiana Iakovleva (through research and as a friend)

I knew Paul for about 6 years, as he was involved in two of our research projects Digitalize or Die and Releasing projects. During the last year, we have worked tightly together both on Releasing project and on a shared book project about Universities and Regional Development. 

Paul was an extraordinary person – bright, critical mind and at the same time, he was very caring to the people around him. I felt he always had in mind us as human beings with our interests, thoughts, weaknesses and he was tirelessly trying to protect with his academic skills the “user voices” – would it be citizens in general, young researchers, patients or children. I know Paul has influenced life of many people, and he definitely has influences mine by making me more aware of these user voices, as he said – “we need to put a thousand of these weak voices into one strong that will be heard”. 

We will try to keep up with this task in our research and we wil do so in memory of Paul.

I sending my sincere condolence to Leanne, Theo and Marthe

86. Rainer (Former student)

I am deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Paul. I was his student and also colleague during my internship at CHEPS. I rarely met somebody so supportive. He helped me to push my research forward and thanks to his guidance I was able to publish my first paper with him as a co-author, which was an invaluable asset in my early career. I am forever thankful.

My sincere condolences go out to his family.

87. Helena Canhao (International research project)

Paul was a dedicated researcher and collaborator, always giving constructive suggestions. This is an immense loss. Condolences for all family

88. Signe Syrrist (Colleague in Bergen)

Thank you for your open mind and open door when discussing educational improvements or involving yourself in commenting on papers from others. Your feedbacks was always perceived by me as feed forward!

89. Romulo (Long time co-author and project partner)

Dears Leanne, Theo and Martha,
No words can ease the pain you are going through, but be assured that Paul's legacy will remain both in his life deeds and his professional ethic and contributions. He touched all that came in his path.
I am honoured to have met and worked alongside Paul for the best part of a decade and I am here for you all. Wish you strenght in this difficult period.

90. Tina Åsgård (Collegue at the Department of Business Administration in Bergen)

I have learnt to know Paul as a kind, warm, sharing, helpful and hard working collegue. He made things easy for everyone around him, and helped lifting the academic level of our department. We also had mutual interests for hiking and football. The last time we spoke, we talked about how I could show him the good hiking spots in Bergen and take him to the lower level football matches when the season started. Now we will not be able to enjoy these experiences together as planned, and my life will be poorer because Paul is no longer here. May he rest in peace. 

91. John Bessant (We worked together on the 'Digitalize or die' project in Norway and were just beginning another collaboration on a follow-up project.)

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Paul's death. In the relatively short time in which I've been working with him I found him a great colleague, witty, sharp, candid in his opinions and a great team player. He helped shape the story as we developed it as researchers but was also careful to challenge us, encouraging us to reflect deeply. In a project which was so much about the voice of the user in innovation he really brought that voice out, loud, clear and often - and our research benefitted greatly from that. He came across as a scholar of high integrity, a valuable role model for us all. But he was also good fun, a great colleague, warm, patient and kind. He'll be sorely missed; I'm glad I had the chance to meet and work with him.

92. Jorge Cunha (Academic colleague, co-author, and working together at the SINOVPROC research project)

The news about Professor Paul Benneworth's death has come as a shock to me, and I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to his wife and all his family. This is really sad and a great loss indeed to all of us who have had contact with him. Paul was a very pleasant and accommodating personality. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot with him during all research we have undertaken together.

93. Arnt Fløysand (Colleague in Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)

On behalf of the Program Committee of the PhD-Program Responsible Innovation and Regional Development I would like to express our deepest gratitude for all the effort Professor Paul Benneworth put in to the Program, and to express how all of us associated with it, will feel his absence. We were very fortune to have Paul as a colleague, collaborator, supervisor and teacher.

94. Thomas Zimmermann (recent collaboration on impact for the Swiss National Science Foundation)

We are very saddened to hear from Paul’s passing. In the all too short time we had the pleasure to know Paul we came to greatly appreciate his kindness, his sharp mind, the great commitment he showed, and his sense of humour. Paul will be greatly missed. 
Our sincere condolences go to his family and friends. We wish you all the best and strength in these difficult times. 

Thomas Zimmermann, also in the name of the Research Council SSH of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

95. Annemieke Konijnendijk ('Floor'-colleague in Ravelijn at UT and co-citizen of Lonneker)

My sincerest condoleances to Lianne and her family for the sudden loss of Paul. I sometimes met him at the coffeecorner in the Ravelijn building when I worked at HTSR department on the same floor and he was always in for a little chat and I always found him a very sympathic person. Also, both citizens of Lonneker at the time, we sometimes run into each other in our village. Just a few weeks before this sad news reached me, after your move to the UK, I happend to bump into Paul and his son at the MacDonalds in Oldenzaal and we chatted shortly about his holiday back in the Netherlands. I cannot imagine how big this loss must be for you. I wish you all strengths Lianne, and your family. I offer you my thoughts and well-wishes during this dark time in your life.

96. Peter ten Vergert (playing football)

I some times talk with Paul when i met him during my work for archive,

on the Campus or joining the indoor football at the University.

The first contact was in the neibourhood twekkelerveld, when Paul becomes a member of the indoor football team. i was embarresed to read that he passed away. so suddenly. Hope his family will overcome this and may thankful for such wise and positive person Paul was.

97. Tom Wakeford (Colleague at Newcastle University)

I only met Paul a handful of times, having been introduced by David (Charles) when I was at the PEALS Research Centre, then opposite St James's Park. He made a big impression, but sadly our work did not overlap once his job moved away. He was one of my favourite people during my whole ten years at Newcastle. Sending my warm and heartfelt wishes from all my family to yours. Tom

98. Rosibel Víquez-Abarca (PhD Student at Newcastle University in 2007-2008)

Paul was one of my supervisors during my first year. He was an excellent advisor; his academic work and achievements are proof of this. I am really saddened to learn of Paul´s passing. Please accept my deepest condolences. My heart goes out to you and your family in these difficult times. With sincere sympathy. Rosibel. San José, Costa Rica.

99. Flip van Willigen (We worked on projects and gave presentations together on our shared passion: Local Journalism)

Paul was full of knowledge and very involved in our shared passion: local journalism. He was impressed by what we achieved with our local broadcast organization 1Twente Enschede so far and he was always willing to help us take next steps. When things didn't go as planned, he improvised: Paul, Henk ten Harkel and me once had a presentation in Amsterdam, were because of several reasons beyond our control only a few people attended. But instead of cancelling, we changed the presentation into an inspiring conversation: it became an unforgettable evening! And when times got financially rough, he also stood by us by writing an open letter about our relevance and importance for the region! I am thankful for al the good things we have done together and at the same time I am sad that we will not be able to do those things in the future anymore. I will miss him! My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and two children and I wish them lots of strength in coping with this enormous loss.

100. Andrew Gibson (Worked together on HERAVALUE project)

I worked with Paul on one of my first projects in the world of research, and he was always a thoughtful and conscientious collaborator. We stayed in touch after this work came to an end, and he was kind enough to pass on things he thought might be of interest to me, and more generally to just have a friendly word. He will be missed.