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Submitted condolences 1-25

Published messages 1-25

1. Ben Jongbloed (Colleague)

A brilliant mind. Passionate about his research and always providing support to young researchers and students. Paul and I had our arguments but I always admired his drive. Above all he was a great father for his lovely children. My heart goes out to Leanne, Theo and Martha. Rest in peace

2. Nicole Loorbach (Our mutual friend Martin Stienstra)

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I liked Paul, enjoyed how smart and funny he was. I'm wishing you all that you need in the time to come.

3. Wendy Donnelly-Stockentree (Former colleague faculty MB)

My deepest condolences. When I read the news today I was shocked. I remember Paul as a very nice and open person with a great sense of humour.

I wish Leanne, Theo and Martha all the best and strength during this difficult period.

4. Egbert van Hattem (Collega)

Veel sterkte. Het was altijd een groot plezier Paul te ontmoeten. Hij was een fan van ons werk als wetenschapswinkel. Hij stond voor een universiteit middenin de samenleving, en zocht nieuwe wegen om die taak meetbaar te maken, te verbreden en te verbeteren. Ik zal hem missen als gelijkgestemde geest.

5. Jan Vang (Friend and potential co-author)

It came as a shock to me to read that Paul has passed away.

Only a short while ago we were talking about a shared cluster paper. I was wondering why he didn’t reply to my follow up email. Now I understand.

I have no words to describe the loss that his death means to the world. He was sharp, he was committed, he was honest, he was demanding but most important he was dedicated to use his knowledge, skills and competencies in the service of creating a better world.

I feel so sorry for his family. It is so underserved. It is so unfair.

6. Cristine Kuiper (Paul was my lecturer and module coordinator two years ago)

Dear Leanne and family of Paul,

I am saddened by the news of Paul passing. My thoughts are with you, and I want to send you my deepest condolences. Paul was my lecturer and project coordinator at the University of Twente two years ago, and he had lots of knowledge and was always so kind. I want you to know that he was a very appreciated Professor.
He will be missed.

7. Leon Cremonini (CHEPS colleague)

Dear Leanne, I am very saddened to hear about Paul’s unexpected passing. Paul has been for me a great colleague and a mentor. I am deeply indebted to him for his inspiration and how passionately he helped me grow professionally during my time at CHEPS. I express my sincere sympathy and condolences to you and your family.

8. Anne Dijkstra (colleague at UT and working together at the RRI2SCALE project)

Dear Leanne,

My condolances to you and the children and your family. With great sadness I heard the news. Paul and I met for the first time when he interviewed me about the science cafe in Deventer and we had regular coffees in the Ravelijn building and I taught in the Runin summer school. When you moved back to Whitley Bay and he began in Norway we started to work together on the RRI2SCALE project. Recently we met online almost every week to also talk about other topics (as Whitley Bay since I've been on the beach over there waiting for the ferry from Newcastle to the NL). I will miss him and hope to continue his legacy in the project. 

Best wishes, Anne

Photos submitted by Anne Dijkstra

9. Prof. dr. Ellen Moors (Academic colleague)

My deepest sympathies for the loss of Paul Benneworth, a highly respected innovation scholar.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Yours Sincerely
Ellen Moors

10. Ginie Gerrits (Travel Coordinator at the UT Travel Unit)

I was very shocked to learn of Paul's passing. I wish his wife Leanne and his children Theo and Martha and other family and friends a lot of strength in coping with this sudden loss.

11. Shawn Donnelly (colleague)

This is devastating news. Paul will be greatly missed. It was a pleasure to know him and my condolences go out to Leanne and family.

12. Yasin Sahhar (PhD researcher at NIKOS)

Even though I did not know Paul personally, I would like to hand over my condolences for his family, friends and colleagues. I wish everybody lots of strength and support in these hard times.

13. Maarten IJzerman (Neighbours on level 5 in Ravelijn building)

Breath taking and so shocking to read this terrible news... We met occasionally at the coffee counter and the Xerox copier on level 5 and I still remember our conversations. I wish his wife Leanne, his children and nearest colleagues all the best to overcome this terrible loss. RIP Paul.

14. Manon Jannink-van het Reve (UT /BMS colleague, department PA)

My sincere condolences to the sudden death of your husband and your father. 

I wish you a lot of strength.

15. Janine van Til (colleague)

Dear Leanne, Theo and Martha, colleagues from CHEPS,

I am shocked and saddened by this awful news. I knew Paul mostly from our short meetings at the coffee machine, as both of our departments where on the fourth floor of Ravelijn. He was always friendly, open to contact, willing to share a few words. I am now trying to remember whether it was tee or coffee he was drinking. My condolences, i wish you so much strength in coming to terms with this loss. Warm regards, Janine

16. María Alejandra Tejada Gómez (Ph.D. Candidate STEPS Department Twente University)

Since my first year of PhD I had the opportunity to meet Paul, who always had space in his agenda to listen to the story of my doctoral proposal with very accurate recommendations full of bibliographical information sources and very enthusiastic dialogues. I always told him that I admired his level of eloquence in writing his papers and in his lectures. That spark of amiable personality, I will remember his conversations telling me about his children, although sometimes I knew his British accent, it was a pleasure to enjoy the passion of his stories. My sincere condolences to his family.

17. Aafke Mater (I worked with him on the financial part of his project)

My dear condolences with this loss. My thoughts are with his family and relatives.

18. Laura Franco (Colleague)

Paul was a very committed colleague, really a social changer, it was not mentioned in the text of his memoriam that he was also involved in the OPUT (staff consultation) at UT. 

I wish strength to his family and friends.

19. Minka Schipper (Lonnekerschool)

Dear Leanne, my thoughts are with you and Theo and Martha. My heart is filled with sadness. Paul made the world a lot better and I will try to keep him in mind as an example for how to connect with people, be sincere and nice. 

A big hug from Minka (mother of Diego and Aimar)

20. Joy Clancy (Collaborated on PhD supervision)

I am stunned and saddened. Paul and I shared many interests: politics, culture and football (I even forgave him for being a Newcastle supporter). Paul was a deeply caring academic both about his research field but also the individuals he came into contact with in his daily work. The academic and the world in general is today a poorer place. I will miss our banter. Leanne - Sterkte.

21. Kate Sang (twitter friend)

Paul was a great friend to me on twitter when he didn't need to be. I am deeply saddened by his loss and I will always be grateful for his support.

22. Michel Ehrenhard (Colleague and UT Futsal board)

Paul was a great scholar, a great lover of football especially his favorite two sleeping giants, and a great chair of the UT Kring Futsal group. Always making sure the board followed the right procedures but also leading the group through turbulent times when the sports center was reorganizing. Even after leaving the group, he still took its interests at heart. His impact will be remembered for a very long time.

23. Mabel (Colleague)

One of the best things of this career is when somebody like Paul appears in your way. Still shocked. Will miss him.

24. Reinoud Joosten (Colleague at Twente University)

My condoleances to Paul's wife and children.

25. Dr. Efthymios Constantinides (Colleague UT)

My deep condolences for the loss to the family and friends