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Participate in the study

Study aim

In the fall of 2024, we are planning to start a study on the effectiveness of the app on the resilience of parents of children suspected of/diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism and ADHD.

Who can participate?

To be able to participate in the study participants have to fulfil some criteria:

(1) You are the parent of one or more child(ren) (younger than 18) diagnosed with/suspected of a neurodevelopmental disorder

(2) You are in possession of a smartphone/tablet with internet-access and e-mail address to download the app and fill in the questionnaires related to the study

(3) You are motivated to use the app, daily 10-15 minutes for a month

(4) You are not in treatment for mental health issues nor having severe mental health issues yourself at the moment 

Expectations and advantages of participation

If you decide to participate, you are expected to: 

Participation has some advantages