Internship BME

The internship BME (course code 193640999) is a compulsory part of both Masters’ tracks. The internship covers minimally 10 weeks (15 EC) during which the student is posted at a biomedical company, institution of health care, research institute or university. The learning goal of the internship is to gain experience in the future working field by performing a relevant assignment at an external organization.

An assessment whether the planned project is of sufficient quality has to be performed by an academic supervisor. During the assignment, gained knowledge and skills at the study programme can be applied in an actual working environment. We believe a stay abroad is a valuable component of the study, therefore we recommend an internship abroad.

Start the application procedure through registration in Mobility Online.

Every year in an information session, the coordinator provides general information about the internship. Also, take care that you will be authorized to visit the Canvas site Internships TNW. At this site, you find information about experiences in the past, internship offers and all the necessary forms.

From one year to at least 3 months prior to start orientation by submitting your application form.

Internship Coordinator BME
drs. A.E.J. Hogeling (Annet)
internship coordinator BME