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Programme Committee BMT-BME (OLC)

The Programme Committee is the committee that, in an objective and expert manner, issues solicited and unsolicited advice on the promotion and safeguarding of the quality of the study programme. To this end, the Programme Committee supervises the quality of education and procedures relating to education within the Biomedische Technologie and Biomedical Engineering programmes.

The committee is an advisory committee consisting of equal numbers of students and staff members, chaired by a lecturer. The committee advises the programme director on all educational matters, gives advice and will always clarify its decision-making. The programme committee gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the programmes for the benefit of the quality of education. These advices are submitted to the programme by means of official letters, after which the programme or faculty board is requested to respond to the advice or proposal within two months.

According to its terms of reference, the OLC is responsible for the overall quality of the education provided by the study programme. Its main tasks are

  • To examine all course evaluations and discuss them with the programme;
  • Evaluating the functioning of the quality assurance system;
  • Assessing the educational policy of the programme(s);
  • Giving solicited and unsolicited advice or proposals to the management of the study programme and to the dean, on all matters concerning the education of the study programme(s) concerned.
  • Monitoring the curricula and the admission/examination criteria;
  • Approving specific parts of the teaching and examination regulations (OER) and giving advice on them
  • Assessing the implementation of the OER;

Approved minutes of the OLC meetings can be requested from the Registrar BOZ-BME via

If you are interested in the tasks and activities of the OLC, please send an e-mail