Composition Examination Board BMT-BME

Composition Examination Board BMT-BME 2022-2023

Dr. Ir. B.J.F. van Beijnum

Chair, Member

Dr. J.C. Alers

Vice chair

Prof. Dr. A. Kocer


Dr. Ir J.A.H. Alkemade


S. Borst MSc.

External Member

Dr. Ir. J. Rouwkema


F. Mogavero MSc.

Study  advisor

A. Dummer MSc.

Study advisor

H. Gouma

Employee BOZ, Minutes Maker

C.A.H. Fox

Quality adviser


Requests to the Examination Board can only be submitted via the web application and must be submitted to BOZ-BMT-BME no later than 10 working days before the meeting.