After Graduation

Access to master’s programmes

The Business Information Technology bachelor’s degree grants access to several master’s programmes, from both the EEMCS faculty as well as the BMS faculty. Of course, you can transfer to the Business Information Technology master’s programme. Next to that you can, without further requirements, transfer to the Business Administration MSc. and the Computer Science MSc. More information about these and other master’s programmes can be found here.

Transfer information (transfer matrix) is an initiative of the 3TU. At (in Dutch) you can find an overview of the possibilities to transfer from an academic bachelor’s to academic master’s within the Netherlands. Some HBO (University of Applied Sciences) bachelor’s are also part of the overview.

Twente Graduate School

For talented students, the University also offers a number of graduate programmes. This is done via the Twente Graduate School. These programmes are a combination of a master’s programme (MSc) with a subsequent doctoral research (PhD).

More information about the offered specialities and the trajectory can be found on the website of the Twente Graduate School.