BetonbrouwersHistory2023: Dominating Delft

2023: Dominating Delft

With quite some old BetonBrouwers leaving the team, new, fresh minds joined us. We worked very hard to take the BetonBrouwers to a higher level, by forming a team of external affairs approaching new potential sponsors, becoming more active on our social media platforms and having a fixed canoe training poule. This gave us much motivation to build very good canoes. 

3 canoes were built this season, with countries as theme: KaNoorwegen, JamaiKano and BeTonga.

We made our way to Delft, were the races began on saturday. The KaNoorwegen and JamaiKano were our main players, the BeTonga was our spare canoe. The competition was definetely there: teams from Germany, Switzerland and even Poland came to Delft to race for the win. 3 distances were part of the race: 50m, 100m and 200m. The track was only 50m long, which meant 3 turns for the 200m. Luckily this was not a big problem for our canoers, which were trained. Because of this we managed to reach the semi finals for almost every category of each distance.

But, the finals is were the win is taken of course. Our first succes was the 50m men with Niels and Ramon in the JamaiKano. The second succes was the 100m women with Madieke and Kirsten in the KaNoorwegen, and who knew: they won again! This time the 200m women with the KaNoorwegen. Also some second places were achieved. This made us one of the most succesful teams of the field.

However, the canoes were really put to the test, and started leaking, the BeTonga had to be taken in. The KaNoorwegen even tragically sank at the end of the last race... But it was all worth it!