BetonbrouwersHistory2016: Angstgegner Arnhem

2016: Angstgegner Arnhem

This year’s Concrete Canoe Challenge started off with a great win in Arnhem. The weekend began with a race in rubber canoes, which the BetonBrouwers won by a large margin. Setting a new world record (according to race control), we showed our great capabilities right from the start.

The races in the concrete canoes went well too. The canoes, with the theme world conquerors, were colored in the colors of four countries’ flags, with appropriate canoe names such as Julius C20/25 and Genghis Khano. There were races on the distances of 50, 100 and 200 meters and our canoes showed to be great ones on all distances. Other Dutch teams were defeated in almost all of the races. Unfortunately the German team from Leipzig turned out to be too strong after a couple of neck-and-neck races. We did however conquer many places on the podium and with that, we showed that we’ve build four great canoes.

As a committee, we have learned a lot this year and with our many new members we can possibly book great progress in the coming years. Next year, when the race will be held in Enschede, we will use our new experiences and acquired knowledge to show our strengths at our home town.
After the races in Arnhem, we would like to thank our sponsors because we wouldn’t be able to build our canoes every year without their support. We would also like to thank the organization of this year’s race for the weekend. Lastly, we thank all the people who helped us during the year for their help and we would like to see everyone back next year!

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