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The Binding Study Advice

This website section refers to study related things that are not directly part of the study programme. For example information about assessment forms, regulations and procedures, forms and practical rooms.


Being a first-year EE-student you will receive a Binding Study Advice at the end of August. See the webpage of Student Services for more information about the Binding Study Advice and the consequences it may have for you.

Not later than 14 August 2018 you will receive an email in which the programme director announces to you if this Advice will be positive or negative. If a negative Binding Study Advice is announced to you and you think this is unjustified, then you can ask for a hearing. During this hearing you can give arguments to the programme board that should let them change this decision. You sould send a request for a hearing to AND to . The hearing will be held at Thurseday 23 August 2018. As soon as possible after this date, but not later than 31 August 2018 you will be informed by the programme board about her final decision. You then will receive the final Binding Study Advice, also by email.