Study advisers EE

Students of the University of Twente are assisted by a study adviser. The Study Adviser will monitor study progress; will advise and assist students with study related skills like study choices, progress, process, planning and conducting assignments. The Study Adviser will also help and advice students about their academic skills. Students who are (at the risk of being) hampered in their progress as a result of special (personal) circumstances will be guided not only by the study adviser but also by student psychologists and student counsellor of the department of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC). Both the student and the study adviser may initiate contact.

The Study Advisers for Electrical Engineering are:


For first-year, third-year and higher students Daphne Boere is the primary study adviser to contact. Second-year students can contact Ellen Wassink-Kamp.


Everything you discuss with the Study Adviser is confidential. Only on indication and after your approval it is possible to share some information with third parties.

The Study Adviser works within the code of the National Association of Study Advisors (LVSA).

All individual interviews held between the student and the Study Adviser are reported in OSIRIS, the student information system. These reports are confidential, but can be accessed by the student.


You can make an appointment with the Study Adviser via If you think you need more than 30 minutes to discuss your situation you should plan two consecutive appointments. To have more frequent meetings is (if indicated) also possible.


For short questions you can also make use of the ‘Open Consultation Hour’: every Thursday between 12:45 and 13:45. Go the the Virtual drop-in hour in MS Teams or send a chat message.


At the university, you are expected to be independent and to regulate many things yourself. Especially when you are just starting, not everything is obvious. It may take some time before you find your way and sometimes help can be useful or even necessary. In the course of your studies or as preparation for your carrier you can also encounter issues you can discuss with your Study Adviser.


You can go to the Study Adviser if you have any question about the study, studying, or about private matters that affect your studies, for example:

A conversation with your Study Adviser is usually a good first step. When necessary, the Study Adviser can refer to persons or bodies within or outside the university, such as the Student Psychologists and Deans of Students, Tutors, Study Adviser from other programs, etc.