Students are guided in different ways by both the university as well as within the study programme. Below you can find how the student guidance is organised.

Study Adviser

You can contact the study adviser within Applied Mathematics, Lilian Spijker, for study advice concerning:

  • time management,
  • study delay,
  • personal circumstances including: extra-curricular activities, illness, study disabilities, top sports,
  • methods of study,
  • etc.

L. Spijker (Lilian)
Study Adviser


You can make an appointment with the Study Adviser via Such a session usually takes about half an hour. In case there is much to talk about you can also make an appointment for a longer period. To have more frequent meetings is (if indicated) also possible.


Each first-year AM student is assigned a tutor at the start of the programme. This tutor is one of the staff members of the Applied Mathematics group.

Student Psychologist

For students from EEMCS (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) there is the option to see a student psychologist of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling. Currently the open consultation hours at EEMCS are not yet available. If you would like to make an appointment with a psychologist please contact the secretariate of the department SACC. For more details see: