A minor is a package of course subjects of (in most cases) in total 15 ECTS. A minor allows you to specialize yourself or broaden your knowledge and competencies on an academic level. A minor can be taken of your own educational programme, but also from another programme or even faculty. There are a lot more options which can be found the minor website.

Minor with redundant mathematics

Students of the BSc Applied Mathematics who want to follow a minor that contains part of the Math Line (which they already had in their regular AM programme) are requested to find a replacement for the Mathematic part in the minor. They cannot take the standard substitute course Introduction to Mathematical Analysis. 

The AM student can contact the minor's programme coordinator to see if there is an appropriate part of one of their other modules or master’s programme that fits in the minor. Alternatively, the AM student can contact the programme director of ATLAS to discuss the possibility to follow part of their programme. The latter requires that you formulate your own learning goals before you discuss with the ATLAS management whether this can be feasible within ATLAS. 

Applications consisting the suggested replacements for the mathematics part in the minor, must be submitted to the Bachelor Coordinator of AM via education-bam@utwente.nl.  


Applied Mathematics students are encouraged to explore the options of studying abroad. If you decide to experience an International environment, please keep in mind that it can take six to twelve months to complete all the necessary preparations to study abroad / follow an internship abroad, so start familiarizing yourself as soon as possible. Please check the EEMCS faculty information for studying abroad. 

Education minor (leren lesgeven)

Students who pass the 30-EC Education Minor (Leren Lesgeven) may receive a mathematics teaching qualification for the initial years of senior general secondary education (HAVO), pre-university education (VWO), and the theoretical learning pathway of pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO) in the Netherlands from ELAN (the section of teacher development). The Education Minor (Leren Lesgeven) is only available in Dutch.

For more information and further assistance regarding the minor procedure, please contact the Bachelor Coordinator of AM (education-bam@utwente.nl).