Study programme and curriculum MSc Applied Physics

A curriculum gives an overview of the courses to be done for the MSc Applied Physics. The study programme shows in what quarter the courses will be taught. In the year summary important educational acitivities, deadlines and holidays can be found.

Study programme Applied Physics

The changes in the AP programme and courses compared to the previous academic year can be found in the transitional regulations.

Study programme AP 2022/2023
Study programme AP 2021/2022
Study programme AP 2020/2021
Study programme AP 2019/2020

Study programme hbo 2022/2023
Study programme hbo 2021/2022
Study programme hbo 2020/2021
Study programme hbo 2019/2020

Schedules, Lecture hours, Buildings, Web Room Booking

Year summary

Year summery AP 2022-2023
Year summery AP 2021/2022

Curriculum APplied Physics

Curriculum AP, generation 2022/2023
Curriculum AP, generation 2021/2022
Curriculum AP, generation 2020/2021
Curriculum AP, generation 2019/2020
Curriculum AP, generation 2018/2019
Curriculum AP, generation 2017/2018

HBO curriculum

The curriculum for students with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (hbo) Applied Physics or Electrical Engineering is slightly different. (Depending on whether or not the transferminor AP is part of the Bachelor hbo degree the student has to do a premaster programme.)

Curriculum AP for hbo generation 2022/2023
Curriculum AP for hbo generation 2021/2022
Curriculum AP for hbo generation 2020/2021
Curriculum AP for hbo, generation 2018/2019 and 2019/2020
Curriculum AP for hbo, generation 2017/2018

Specialization programmes

The specialization courses and the elective courses can be used to personalize the Applied Physics programme. A student can choose to have a more general Applied Physics programme, or can choose to specialize in one of our disciplinary or interdisciplinary specialization programmes.

Double programmes

Double programme AM-AP
Double programme NT-AP
Double programme CHE-AP
Double programme SET-AP
Double programme BME-AP

Science education (only in DUTCH)

It is possible to combine the MSc Applied Physics with the MSc Science Education Physics (Lerarenopleiding Natuurkunde).
Double programme LO-AP

Honours programmes

A Master Honours programme is a 15 EC programme aimed at students who want to enrich their study experience. Students can choose from three tracks, each having a unique character and developmental goals.

Transitional arrangements 

Transistional arrangement Aplied Physics