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AR for troubleshooting in top 6 technology areas for NS

Extended reality: next steps

In order to seize the opportunities of emerging technologies, NS wants to expand knowledge about relevant technologies. NS aims to increase this knowledge by looking at the relevance, content, and effectiveness of the technology. In addition, NS will investigate proper use cases to utilize the technologies. To this end, NS proposed a report for the relevant technology areas: Sensing, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Process Mining, Extended Reality (XR), and 3D printing. 

The AMICO-AR team contributes to the XR technology by exploring the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) for maintenance support. AR provides context by integrating virtual information with physical objects. The project is focused on troubleshooting complex IT/OT failures and eventually improving decision-making processes and activities. A case study has been identified that will be analyzed in 2022 and contributes to the increased publicity for existing XR applications within NS to inspire more departments and show what the technology entails. Besides this, experiments and simulations are performed to contribute to the NS strategic goals.