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The roadmap describes the steps you have to take in order to eventually graduate

Normally, you will graduate and get your diploma (certificate) after the presentation of your final project. For this, however, a few things have to be arranged first. You can initialize the process by filling out the following (downloadable) forms and submitting them to the Office for Educational Affairs (BOZ-TW).


Whenever possible fill out the forms electronically and send them to the BOZ by e-mail: BOZ-AM-CES@utwente.nl . Whenever a signature is needed, print the form, sign it and send it to the BOZ.

If necessary:

Furthermore, you will have to submit (upload) your master’s thesis into the UT repository essay.utwente.

As this is necessary in order to graduate, so has to be done before your final presentation, before the diploma can be awarded to you.

On the website https://essay.utwente.nl/upload.html you can submit your  master's thesis.  graduate.

In case (part of) your thesis is confidential, carefully read the instructions. After uploading, you yourself, the members of your assessment committee and BOZ (Office for Educational Affairs) will be informed by E-mail (automatic generated).

GRADUATION Assessment Committee

To evaluate your final project report and your final presentation an Assessment Committee has to be composed fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. The committee contains at least two examiners, at least one of which is senior examiner; it is chaired by a senior examiner
  2. The examiners must belong to (at least) two different research groups
  3. All supervisors of the project are members of the assessment committee. Supervisors who are not examiners serve on the committee in an advisory capacity.
  4. The examiners are collectively responsible for grading the thesis. In case of different opinions among the examiners, the chair of the assessment committee takes the ultimate decision on the grade
  5. In the event that the assessment committee cannot meet the above specifications, a motivated request to the Examination Board may be made by the Programme Board. The approval for the particular assignment remains valid during the academic year in which the request was granted or the duration of the final project in question with the maximum of one year.
  6. In addition, the committee should be composed of at least 3 members. Also, the examiner belonging to the different chair than the student’s chair of graduation should be one who was not involved in daily supervision.


Next to the assessment committee the Information Specialist will assess the quality of your searching process for relevant scientific literature at the end of your final project.  It is recommended to contact the Information Specialist shortly after starting out the final project to learn how you can improve your process of searching for relevant scientific literature regarding the subject of the final project . More details can be found on:   https://www.utwente.nl/en/am/programmeinformation/final_project/

Announcement presentation

Alteration study programme

In general, you should always have an approved study programme and any changes need to be registered as soon as possible.