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THT alumni reunion

On Friday, May 24, the reunion for 'THT' alumni took place at the University of Twente, a day full of memories, discoveries and connections.

Alumni of the pioneering generations of the University of Twente (previously the 'Technische Hogeschool Twente' - THT) came together to relive student days and see how their alma mater has evolved over the years. The reunion was organized on the occasion of the university's 62nd Dies Natalis.

The sunny day began at 10 a.m. with a warm reception at The Gallery Restaurant, where alumni greeted old friends and made new contacts. There was much to view in the room, including books and photographs of the past and present.

Among the highlights of the day were tours of the Robotics Centre, the Nano Lab, and the Simulation Centre as well as a tour of the Horst Building. The tours were led by enthusiastic students and alumnus Jan Broenink, who took the alumni on a journey through the latest developments and innovations within their fields. After the tours, the alumni gathered for a group photo and enjoyed lunch, where there was ample opportunity to exchange stories and memories.

The afternoon was filled with inspiring presentations and the exchange of experiences. Michiel Tijsseling, co-leader of the UT Southwest Netherlands Alumni Chapter, explained how the initiative to bring together alumni living in and around Zeeland came about. He talked about the event at Middelburg Town Hall in 2022 and the event at Dow Benelux in November 2023. Ramon Aalberts, president of the alumni association Principia, discussed the sustainability groups that have been established to provide advice and organize events for mechanical engineering students, alumni, and companies.

A special highlight was the presentation of the Oral History Project by Wiljan Puttenstein, head of the UT Archives Department. This project aims to document UT's heritage and is funded by the Univeristy of Twente funds. As part of this project, some twenty former students from the early days (1964-1972) of the then 'THT' were interviewed. In addition, the project also preserves old treasures such as photographs and objects representative of the different generations of students.

To conclude the presentations, Henny Kramers-Pals, the first female academic staff member at UT, took the floor. Henny shared numerous anecdotes from the past, which evoked many other stories from the audience. It was a special talk that illustrated the richness of the university's history.

After the reunion, alumni could join the UT's 62nd Dies Natalis cermony. Before that they also had the opportunity to view the renovated Langezijds building the day after it was awarded the Dutch sector association BNA (Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus) distinction as the Netherlands's Best Building of the Year for 2024.

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