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Support a borderless experience

"Last year I visited the United States and Brazil with the study tour of the studyassociation Inter-Actief, for the study Business & IT. A great experience! This trip broadened my horizons and really boosted my energy and inspired me for the remainder of my study. Yearly hundreds of students go on study tours with their studyassociations. The University Fund Twente financially supports these study trips. With your contribution, the University Fund can continue to support these study trips. Surely you wish all students have this opportunity to expand their horizons? Thank you!"
Jeroen Monteban, student Business & IT

Every year between 150 and 200 UT students travel abroad for a study tour. Some go to Germany for a week while others visit Japan for two weeks! Not only organizing but also financing such a trip is quite an effort. A study tour to some distant country will quickly cost over € 4.000 per student. Besides the educational part of the study tour the students have to work hard in order to finance their trip. Fortunately, the University Fund has been financially supporting these tours since 1968 in order to make these available for all students. These study tours enhance a student's study period greatly and create lasting memories!

A staple activity during these Study tours is taking a picture with the University Fund banner. In the digital photo gallery, you can find these pictures dating back to 2007!

Did you know that the first study tours sponsored by the University Fund had as destination Switzerland and Scandinavia? This was back in 1968! The trip to Switzerland was organized by the study association Isaac Newton, the study association Scintilla visited Scandinavia. Do you have pictures of your own study tour? Please let us know, we'd like to expand our gallery.

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Twente University Fund
Your donation counts, every year again!
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